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There should be more than one way to say thank you

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Hi guys,

I haven't been on much lately...I'm still having trouble with my eye and headaches. That's really limiting my computer time.

I saw the eye doc yesterday, she said my left eye is irritated (well big fat duh!!) But I have 3 new prescription eye drops to go with the other 20 or so drugs...I will finally get back to chemo next friday. It's still going to be navelbene, two weeks on and one week off.

I am getting stronger and better every day. I'm about ready to give myself permission to drive again (I took it away from myself, too many pain meds and vision problems). And I'm only taking one nap a day right now, instead of sleeping 20 hours a day.

I really think there should be more words for thank you...like the inuit have several words for ice and snow. We should have a thank you for common courtesy, holding a door, saying excuse me, etc. Another thank you for some who does a favor, a different thank you word for a gift, etc. And then there should be a very special thank you word for people like all my dear wonderful pink sisters. I have missed you.



New Flower
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Thank you for being our friend too.
I just came from oncologist reflecting on my PET results

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Glad you're back!


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Your eloquent post and your fighting spirit have me doing cartwheels tonight! So glad you are on the mend. I am glad but I also hate that you will be getting back on chemo on Friday...glad that you are well enough now to resume the fight, but chemo...sigh. As Chen always says, "we do what we have to do, so we can do what we want to do" or something to that effect. ;-) Keep fighting, our bright light. We love you!

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I am glad to know that you are getting stronger and feeling better every day. Hopefully the chemo will help and you will keep getting better and better. I will keep you in my thoughts for sure.


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Glad you are feeling better

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It is so god to see you are coming back and as much as we hate the chemo it does mean you are getting stronger. I bet the kids love having you home again. Sounds like your kids are still thriving in spite of the set backs. That just shows what a great foundation you have given them.


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So glad to see your post.....been worried about you....hopefully the pain will subside soon.....and wishing you the best for starting your chemo again..
Know that we care about you and post again when you can....I am wearing, as I post this, one of the hats you sent me...it's a black knit one...it's turned cool here in the am and pm and I freeze being bald again.... it makes me toasty....and I sleep in it!

Big hugs, Nancy

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P.S. With a severe case of shingles, it may be best to look for weekly rather than daily improvement. For me, day to day, well I would get discouraged. But if I looked at how I was doing this week as opposed to last, I realized I really was getting better!

Frankie Shannon
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Glad to see your post and your doing better every day,don't rush to drive take your time to really heal your eye.Yes there should be another word for thank you's but can't think of one.We all know how you feel, words can not always express one's feeling.
Hugs Frankie

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