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Hip hip hooray

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Joined: Sep 2011

Well..I finished my eight weeks of the 24/7 chemo....hooray! It feels so good not having my little bag hanging around. I get next week off from any chemo!! I get scans on Monday then the following Monday see what they are going to do next. Maybe try zaltrap chemo. I pray that everyone has a good weekend. Jeff

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Joined: Mar 2012

I couldn't stand that bag the two times I had it for just 24 hours or less, can't imagine 24 hours a day! Enjoy your week and pray you get a great scan! Hip hip hooray!

SharonVegas's picture
Posts: 189
Joined: Feb 2012

Enjoy your time away from "the bag!"

herdizziness's picture
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Joined: Apr 2010

Enjoy the break and freedom!!!
Winter Marie

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Joined: Oct 2008

great that you got thru all that now lets just hope you get good news on your scans.wishing you the best...Godbless...johnnybegood

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Joined: Apr 2011

Super, now wishing you a great scan, let us know the news,

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Joined: Oct 2011

I dont know how you endured that. I am praying for positive scan results that will make that chemo marathon you completed worth it.

Momof2plusteentwins's picture
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I don't know how you did 8 weeks of the bag. I did five weeks bag before surgery and that was hard. A constant reminder attached to you. Good luck with your scan.
Sandy :)

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Joined: Mar 2012

Just fabulous. Enjoy the well deserved freedom!

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Joined: Feb 2009

I'm sure that is a big relief not to have to carry that around anymore. Good luck on your scans and enjoy your bag free weekend.


Cathleen Mary
Posts: 824
Joined: May 2011

Congrats on your perseverance!!! Hope you can enjoy the time off and the scan gives you reason to celebrate.

Cathleen Mary

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Joined: Mar 2010

You're a real trooper - 8 weeks with the bag! Good luck on your scan!

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Joined: Jul 2012

I am sending my prayers for your scans on Monday. I am waiting on scan results right now.


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Posts: 887
Joined: Sep 2011

Here's to all of us who go through so much so we can enjoy our families and the wonders of life!! I pray we stay as well as can be and we have the strenght to keep fighting this dreadful disease! Jeff

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Joined: Feb 2011

Wow, cannot imagine going that stretch with bag attached. Praying for great scan results for you. I kinda wonder why they didn't give you xeloda.

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great that you do not have your companion ( the chemo bag)! i do 4 hrs @ clinic & then take home bag of 46 hrs of 5fu. (but i do this every other week). i can not wait for the home care nurse to come to get this bag off!!! i can not imagine doing it as long as you did. CONGRATS!!! praying for a good scan result!

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Joined: Oct 2010

Chemo is a difficult battle. Now it is time for you to heal!

Best Always, mike

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Posts: 467
Joined: May 2012

I am SO glad for you and look forward to the day when I can tell the bag goodbye as well. I am inspired by your persistence to hang on to the treatment and see it through. Art

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Joined: Oct 2011

Thinking the very best thoughts for you...great results on this scan and better health in the future! Hugs~Ann Alexandria

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Joined: Apr 2011

Jeff, here's to a really good scan. Keep on keepin on.
How's the weather in Indiana? Going to see the parents around the Dayton area.

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