Gone 3 Years

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I never thought I would find myself here browsing stories, but here I am. It is coming up on the 3 year anniversary that my Mom has been gone. I remember the day all too well. Everyone that I have talked to has told me it will get easier with time. 3 years in and I feel the same as day one. June 09 we found out my Mom had a golf ball size tumor. They said surgery was the best option. And hopefully give here 3 to 5 years. When they done the surgery they couldn't get all the tumor out. The way they explained it was it had little fingers that made its way between her brain. Right then I knew she would not survive 6 months. 2 more surgeries, rehab, a round of chemo and a nursing home she finally left us a day before her 53rd birthday and a couple days before Thanksgiving. The more time that passes the more I want her here. I hurt not only because I miss her,but because my sons do not get to know their Grandmother. I will always need my Mom. Just making it through one day at a time. It does not matter how old you are when you lose someone you are close to, it cuts you deep and I fully believe you never heal completely. You just learn to push away/ ignore the pain and emptiness that is left when they are ripped away from you.


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    Coping with loss
    I agree, you never get over the loss of a loved one. I lost my husband of 32 years to a GMBIV in June of 2010. The pain is not as acute but is always there. I think you just adjust to a new normal.I try to live the way I know he would want me to. Not easy.
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    im sorry
    I wish I could say I dont know how you feel, but I do...I hate this cancer!!!!Oct 19th is the one year mark for the loss of my sister. It is so painful. I miss her so much. She was my very best friend in the world, and life just plain sucks with out her. I find my self everyday thinking oh Ive got to tell my sister, Ive got to call her, see her... And then its the knife cutting realization I cant....
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    lost a mother...
    Hi my name is thelma villmor. My mother was diagnosed last January 2012 with brain cancer. When someone in your family was diagnose with cancer everything changes. June 4 2012, we lost her...the pain of watching her slowly pass away was so hard that i developed anxiety and depression. I feel your pain, i know in my heart things will never get better. I miss her so much, that even the simplest chores is really hard for me to do. I shut myself to everyone, i don't wanna talk. Most of the times i cry myself to sleep.

    God bless....