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Any one have this issue

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My husband is currently going through chemo and radiation for stage3n0 EC.
He just finished the chemo and has about 2 weeks of radiation left.

He has a severe cough that is keeping him awake and makes him gag, compromising his food intake even more.

They tested him for whopping cough, gave him a check x Ray (thank God clear) and put him on a week of antibiotics. Now they are saying it is probably from the radiation concentration on his tumor. Has anyone else experience this and if so was there anything that helped or how long did it last.

I know everyone is different but I am so concerned about the weight loss and his comfort. He is not a big guy and after the surgery I am sure will lose even more. Dr.s don't seem too concerned about it.


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Radiation can affect lungs in different ways for different patients. My husband was so sick from the chemo and infection he had that I can't remember just how he coughed. He has allergic rhinitis and takes allergy medicine. They may have masked some coughing. However, we are thankful for the allergies as they led to us finding the EC at a treatable stage.

He did complain with shortness of breath and lung pain and as the radiation progressed, especially the last three sessions, of extreme fatigue.

You'll hear from others who know more.

Just wanted to let you know we want to be of help.


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It is a cough that is associated with radiation. It won't go away right away - maybe 2 to 3 months. No drugs or meds really help at all. It was the bane of my mother's day! Ask for a nebulizer or breathing treatments.

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I too had the same issues with coughing. My radiation oncologist prescribed Liquid Lortab (Hydrocodone). The med dulled the part of brain that makes you want to cough as I understood it. However it works, That helped me.

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