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Question for Leesag-Brain Mets

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I remember seeing that you had treatment for brain mets last year. I have a recurrence to the brain (nowhere else)in 3 spots that my team wants to treat with gamma-knife and then possibly WBRT (whole brain rads). Did you have this type of treatment and what can you tell me about it re: side-effects (cognitive function, memory loss, permanent hair loss, etc?) There is limited information out there for OVCA brain mets because of how rare it is. Appreciate your help and hope you are doing well.

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I sent you a private message. I have short term memory issues, but then again, I went through menopause at warp speed two years ago. The memory is annoying but not at all interfering with my ability to work ( I'm a teacher). Hair loss is more of an issue with radiation. With Chemo, you know it will all group back....not so much with radiation. It's been over a year and I still have a bald spot in the back and a thinner strip in the front. Both can be hidden with the ever popular comb over as soon as my hair gets longer. Interestingly enough, with chemo it came in thick dark and slightly wavy, with Radiation it's coming in kind of a pewter/platinum color, kinky curly and I don't think the thickness has changed (except for the bald spot). I can tell you that my skin was/ is very dry and flaky. I found a cream called miaderm online that seems to help with that a lot!
www. miaderm.com.

None of the radioactive treatments are painful. You may have an itchy scalp, they gave me hydrocortisone for that. Gamma knife was like an MRI machine, only the mask you wear is much more "Fifty Shades" lol. I wish you the very best of luck and may God be with you!

:) Leesa

(PS: I'm working full time)

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