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Update on neck nodules we biopsies last week

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Well the pet scan came back. There are 5 lymph nodes around the left clavical that are lighting up. The local oncologist is a little surprised that the cancer showed up again so fast since the JUne 6 patholgy on the removed esophgus and lymph nodes indicated that the cancer cells were dead and the HER test was in my favor. So I guess I am now considered stage 4.

The first round of chemo in April/May was Taxol and carboplatin. Now we are looking at 5fu/ cisplatin/ Epirubican for a more agressive treatment. ( and also take another biospy for a second HER testing) We are waiting for a 2nd opinion appointment at U of Iowa cancer center to determine if it should be done as inpatient or out patient. Last time U of I indicated with that combination of drugs the oncologist would do as inpatient to be able to control the nausea and vomiting caused by the drugs. I guess considering I had a compromised stomach from the radiation after the surgery, inpatient might be smart.. Hopefully we can get this started in about a week.

I am crossing my fingers and praying this knocks the socks off this beast so I can get back to a more normal life. I was finally feeling normal again.

Paul I know you had mentioned others that had a similar flare up, are there others that had nodules flare up and got rid of it long term?

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Dx March 2012
Chemo/Radition April/may 2012
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Do you mind me asking what stage you were at first? This is what I worry about the most with my husband. His tumor was a T1b but even with that I still have this fear it will return.


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I was stage 3.. I had 5-6 lymph nodes identified along the esphogus and one exterior lymph node beside the liver but no other organs impacted at that time. They never gave me a staging rating. I was going to ask at my follow up this week but that question got thrown out the window with this new information.

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Joel C
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I had my recurrence nine months after my MIE. Like you I had carboplatin and taxol with 28 rounds of radiation pre surgery. For treatment of the recurrence I had the node removed (10/2012) and was scheduled for five rounds of EOX but was only able to tolerate two rounds before an allergic reaction put an end of chemo for me. I had a CT-scan two weeks ago and they found nine nodes that have increased in size by ~25%. I’m not bothering with a PET or biopsy at this time because I have opted out of any additional treatment and don’t need additional holes drilled in me to know what’s going on. So I guess in my case treating the recurrence bought me a year.
Good luck,

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fight as long as you feel able...
sorry to read this but love your attitude and YES Praying it does knock the socks off this horrible FEC.

Hoping you can once again "feel normal" or at least well enough to be around a little longer.

I read a post some where not to long ago where the person was doing so bad not able to eat, spent their time more in the bath rm then having a life that chose to not have any more treatment. That is an individual decision and one we all may be faced with one of these days. I hope later then sooner.

I watched my husband deal with his chemo and radiation problems and there were some days I was worried he would give up. Thankful his days have been good, not great but good enough he wants to keep on fighting. Now with nodes in his lungs we still are not sure about and he is feeling pretty good over all I do know the time may come when he may not want to fight anymore and that I will stand by any decision he makes. He is now stage 4.

Josie I hope you do get to knock the socks off EC!

EC Fighter caregiver, Carolyn

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I am aware of four survivors that discovered positive nodes in the neck area post surgery. Unfortunately, two of them did not have positive outcomes from treatment, but two of them are still NED at this time.

Just like with every other form of cancer treatment there are varied results even with the same basic treatment protocols.

I had post surgery chemotherapy with the cisplatin, epirubicin, 5 FU combination and so far I am still NED almost three years out. (I should note the in my case I had post operative chemotherapy because my post surgical pathology showed a positive node)

Best Regards,

Paul Adams
Grand Blanc, Michigan

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Two year survivor

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