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Was your BC Lobular?

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Which type of BC did you have or do you have? Lobular? I had lobular, stage 3 and 12 positive lymph nodes. I am always interested in hearing about others who have had the same.
All the best, Marianne

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My breast cancer was invasive lobular, ER+, HER2+. Did chemo first, then double masectomy with tissue expanders, just had those removed and my implants put in about a week ago. Will remain on Herceptin until March.

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Mine was invasive lobular, stage 3a. 6 of 14 nodes tested positive.

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and I had a lumpectomy, I was stage 3 or is it grade 3, I sometimes forget all that but anyway with 4 nodes removed, all were negative. I am doing fine today and it will be 2 years in December that I've been taking Tamoxifen.

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Left side was lobular; right side was ductal. Left side ended up putting me at Stage IIIA because of the size of the tumor and that one node was affected. The right side was just showing signs of becoming cancerous. So, I opted for a double mastectomy.

I had surgery the last part of February. I had chemo from the first part of April until mid-July, every other week. I had radiation therapy from the second week in August until almost the end of September. I am almost recovered from the burns the radiation created. I take tamoxifen.

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