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told dx under anesthesia

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Just curious who was told they have cancer while coming out of anesthesia? I was and only vaguely remember it. If my family wasn't told also after surgery - I probably would have thought it was a bad dream. Doesn't change anything, just curious - seems weird to tell someone that when they aren't alert

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My husband too ...I was wondering why he took it so well...until later when I realized he didn't remember much of what the doctor said. I agree ...kind of weird. I guess I thought the Dr should have said they found a tumor and they were sending to the lab and then gave us the info when they had all of the facts. It seemed like there was a lot of confusing info in the beginning and some of it wasn't even true...like the bone mets that ended up being nothing.

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Always forget to hit submit only once and be patient...

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I had my first surgery with only a spinal and much sedation. I do recall them mentioning my appendix, but have no other recall of conversations in the OR. However, when I went up to my room, my dr came in and told me then that I had cancer. You could hear my screams throughout the whole hospital!

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I was just coming out of anesthesia from a colonoscopy when the doc told me he'd found a tumor. The lady that was with me broke down while I calmly said that I'd expected something bad but not that bad. It wasn't until later that the full import hit me.

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as I lay half-unconscious in the recovery room and said "We'll be sending out your samples to see what's been growing in there". As I had gone into surgery under the misapprehension that I had lupus, I had no clue what he was talking about, and never heard anything more about cancer until weeks later, when my rheumatologist called and said he needed to see me on his lunch hour and to be sure and bring my husband. Always a sign of good news! I really think they should wait until the patient is reasonably clear-headed and has someone with them (if possible) before dropping the dx bomb. Ann Alexandria

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I woke up on the table and i could hear the surgeon saying "oh no there's one and there's another one"" during colonoscopy

I started sayin is it CANCER!!!!!!

and he said.....we'll talk later when you are fully awake.

No one thought to go and get my hubby and I was a mess seemed forever in recovery room

so really i would give that experience a failing grade.....

not that it matters


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Yup, that happened to Rick as well. I couldn't understand why they would tell somebody that while they're still in the recovery room!

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I was only told they found a tumor under sedation,but on the follow up to get the results he told me I had cancer in front of my three young children he could of asked them to wait in the hallway some docs just dont use common courtesy.

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I was awake for my colonoscopy and new there were polyps and an ugly tumor so I knew then but he took time to run the tests and came back after a short while and he told me with my adult son by my side and he discussed exactly what he found. That was Friday afternoon and Monday morning I was in getting my CT scan done. He then called me Monday night at home with more detailed results and gave me time to ask any questions.

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Coming out of anesthesia from colonoscopy. Gastroenterologist told me - the tumor was huge and he had no doubt. He first asked me who drove me, it was my son. I asked them not to tell him, just me. The doctor was actually pretty sensitive when giving me the news. But I was shocked and didn't really understand until I got home.

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Dick was just waking up from anesthesia from a "routine" colonoscopy when they told him. My friend was there to drive him home since this was "routine". She called me at 11:15 on 1/12/09 and said they found something during Dick's colonoscopy. I walked out of work and didn't return for 6 weeks. They zipped him straight into a CAT scan and said everything else looked clear but some lymph nodes were enlarged. It was so freaking scary walking out of that hospital and into the world of cancer. It has been almost 4 years. It has been hard but we have been incredibly blessed.


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