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New member, husband diagnosed

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Two weeks ago we thought my husband was perfectly healthy. He woke up with a groin pain and we went to the ER, where they found swollen lymph nodes. He has prostate cancer that's spread to nearby lymph nodes and to the hip. Just a small spot on the hip but that's bone. What a shock at 48. No symptoms at all. He had his first lupron shot yesterday and here we stand.

He's back at work this week and I'm at home just watching the dust settle, feeling like we've just been in a train wreck but the train is still going. Not to be dramatic. Although I'm feeling a little dramatic today.

One thing keeps ringing in my ears. Lupron can work "months or even years." Yes, everyone is different, but are there some numbers behind that? What percentage is months, and what do they mean by years? 2, 10, 20? Is there a statistical spread on that?

Any general advice about anything at all would be welcome. I've exhausted most of my questions with the doctor at this point. Now I'm just hoping to find nice people to talk to.


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Hi there Mia99.

I am so sorry to hear your story and reason for being here. I am not wise enough to offer any information concerning treatment outcomes; What I can say is that you have found one of the best sites for advice and support for pca. There are many good people here who have vast knowledge of this disease and in particular your husbands' stage 4 diagnosis and they will help you to deal with this. Also there is a site called YANANOW which I highly recommend you visit asap. It will answer many of your questions and has a 'dont panic' button for the newly diagnosed.

At this time you are surely feeling shocked and distraught with the new reality of cancer touching your lives. If I may say so, It is time to be kind to yourselves.

I was diagnosed with pca stage T3a 1 year ago. At first I was devastated with many tearfull moments. However, because I took time to learn about my disease and engage in discussion with others. I am now, to a large extent in control of things including my treatment. I have also found hope. And so if I can offer any advice to you that can empower and give hope to you also it is to educate yourselves about this disease.

Please keep posting

God bless

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It's a huge jump from a diagnosis of prostate cancer (PCa) directly to hormone therapy (lupron) in just 2 weeks!

Sorry, all your post does for me is just raise more questions. Has all of the testing been done already and you just skipped mentioning it or does the testing still remain to be done?

If all the testing has been done already:

1) What's his PSA level?
2) What's the result of his biopsy -- what "stage" cancer does he have and what's his Gleason score?
3) How do they know the PCa has migrated only to the lymph nodes and not elsewhere as well?
4) Were any MRI, CAT and/or bone scans done? If so, what did they reveal?
5) Are they planning to "treat" the PCa w/in the prostate and the lymph nodes w/surgical removal and/or radiation?
6) Are they only suggesting androgen deprivation therapy (ADT aka hormone therapy) w/lupron as the only method of pharmaceutical "treatment" or is chemo also being considered?

Answers to these questions will make it easier to respond to your post more constructively.

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You found the right place with many nice people to talk to.
Let us know more details on the case and we will try to help you understanding the matters of PCa.
Hormone treatment can provide years of control depending on one's response to the drugs and initial status.

Welcome aboard.

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I am an electrical engineer so I can't give you any advice on PC but I can tell you that my wife has been my best source of help in my medical battles. Never underestimaye your importance in this whole process. Best of luck to you and your husband!!!


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