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Has anybody heard of this?

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I had an RP almost 2 years ago and everthing is going good. I am still doing zero's. In a totally unrelated issue I recently had an ultrasound of my kidneys which also included an ultrasound of the bladder. When I picked up the report there is an item that says they found "debris within the bladder". What does this mean? Does it have anything to do with the RP?.
Thanks, Bob

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Nice to read about the ZEROS. Congratulations.

I do not think that the debris were there during the two years post surgery. Debris in the bladder are usually causes from urine accumulation when one does not empty the bladder properly. The debris can cause infection (cystitis) by bacteria. Your doctor will give you the answer and peace of mind.

I am hopeful for your next post on the Zeros.


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Thanks. Hopefully it’s something that might be treated with antibiotics.

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