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KimmyAnne question for you

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I saw in another post you were diagnosed in January/ So was I. I was told at my hysterectomy follow up appointment on January 2oth. It was quite a shock to all of us inclding my doctor who thought I dodged a bullet. Because of that I had to go back in for another surgery to have the ip port put in.

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sry I didnt see your question until just now, In jan during the surgery to remove my tumor on my ovary, they found out it was cancer...So I woke up in excurtiating pain to be told I have cancer while coming down from anastecia, I know how u feel to think it's just a normal surgery to remove what i thought was a benign tumor. I am sry you had to be told this, but you know what we're stronger for this...And yeah i had the hysterectomy during that surgery I found out it was cancer. So to go in and come out of surgery thinking just one ovary and tumor will be removed to wake up to the news of cancer and a radical hysterectomy. I was upset at first...But I understand now...I had another surgery for staging and biopsy. I didn't get a reg port nor an ip port. How are you doing now?

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