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Finished my treatments today, buy my ear still hurts

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May 30,2012 I had tonsil cancer removed by robot. I also had a radical neck dissection. I had chemo and radiation, which I finished today, but my ear is hurting. Could it be from the treatments?

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especially radiation, which can play havoc with eustacean tubes, inner ear and even external canal. Of course, what you are worried about is ear pain from cancer. That's understandable. Mention the pain to your ENT and let him look. Either indirectly, with a mirror, or with a scope, a few seconds of peeking will set your mind at ease.

Keep the faith.


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Could be anything..., more than likely you are going to have a lot of various aches and pains for awhile, several months actually.

But, some people here have had problems with ear wax build up after/during rads...

Communicate with your ENT or GP's... If nothing else it'll give you a confidense boost that it's nothing severe.


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I sure did. The ENT oncologist retrieved a wax plug in the exact size and shape of my entire ear canal a month ago. It should have been displayed at a gallery.....

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Just ran out side and rang my bell for you. Congratulations on finishing treatments.

I don’t know why your ear would be hurting. It most certainly could be treatments, but they never made my ear hurt or made my ear hurt.

I am sorry about your ear pain, but immensely happy for your completion of treatments.

Let the healing begin.



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Congrats on finishing treatments a huge milestone. Now it's time for healing. I didn't have ear pain but because of the region it was in i can see it possibly being from treatment. Hang in there things will get better

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So happy for you ....let the healing begin..and let the ENT check it out so he can tell you it's nothing .. :)



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telling your ENT about your ear pain...let him look, and ease your mind. I'm 3 months out of radiation, and one month out of chemo....I have any number of weird sensations/feelings....my ear will feel like somebody put it into a void or a vacumn, where I can hardly hear, then I lose my balance....doesn't happen everyday, but often enough it scared me. I took that to my ENT...he looked me over and said it's probably pressure on the tube from rads....that this sensation would be one of many weird things...I felt better for asking.


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