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Woohoo he's home

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Finally I got David home at 5:00 pm EST. When we pulled up there were two supply cars from two different suppliers with the exact same order. It was funny because one of the men said it's up to the costumer and the other was obviously stressed out to say the least. I finally picked the one that the hospital told me to expect and the other one said he had already unloaded 4 cases of ensure and for me to just keep it as a gift. He said he owned the company and they just bought out another company that had a huge supply of ensure that would expire in 2 months so he said this way it wouldn't go to waste. That was so nice of him. My husband has been pretty cantankerous since I brought him home. He is so annoyed that it hurts to talk and unfortunately I get the brunt of that. I know he is in pain and wishes all of this would go away, but I need to get a thicker skin, because he was on the one nerve I had left. I am better now, but I know this is something that I will have to keep in mind over the next few months. Thanks for all the prayers.

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Time to catch a quick rest while he sleeps. He may be grumpy, but he won’t mean it. You will have to learn on-the-fly. He will recover from the surgery fast, and then the treatments begin. You will do fine; stop by for advice if you want. None of us knows what will happen next, but we can make some pretty good predictions.



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To be home. Keep your chin up Vivian David is just hurting and frustrated, it's all part of the deal.

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Glad he is home. I know it is hard but seriously don't take anything he says personally. As hard as I tried to never take it out on my husband, I know there were days I was grouchy to him or said things I didn't mean. I always apologized afterwards but I am sure it still bothered him. You just feel so crappy a lot of the time that it is hard to be pleasant and unfortunately we tend to take it out on the people closest to us. Hugs to you.

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One for the Ensure...it'll go to good use.
Two for recognizing it's not you that he is annoyed with.

I was so crouchy that I once gave my wife crap for making too much noise getting silver ware from the drawer...for my dinner she made.

Talk about a being a butt hole..., LOL.

She gave me a thump on the back of the head and straightened my attitude right out, LOL.

Anyways, it does get bad...I wanted someone with me when I didn't feel good. I just idn't want to hear them or talk to them, LOL...

But that didn't last long and I moved back into my positive attitude and abi-normal humor.

I mean really...., "Other than having cancer, I was in perfect health"....


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Glad David is back home, milestone accomplished.
Yea John i totally get the sow one with me but not say anything or make noise , i had a similar phase myself

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take some Vivian time now and then. Use a dry erase board if talking still hurts.

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