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I am SOOOOOOOO Done with MRIs

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I took 1.5 of the Ativan pills and it seemed to work okay. I made it through all 3 of them without sreaming "Get me out of here". I had to tell the tech that I was freezing to death and she gave me a blanket. In total all of the tests took about an hour and a half. I was still pretty groggy when we got home and took a 2 hour nap. I am still not right yet. Had soup for dinner.

I have done open MRIs before but was told that the resolution of the test would not be good enough unles it was a closed one. I have to use the larger tube because I am sooo claustraphobic. I have heard that they are coming out with an MRI where you can stand up or sit down. Wow can't wait for that one..

I should be able to get some results in a day or 2. I can call my oncs assistant and ask for the results of the Brain MRI.

I don't go back to the neuro until Nov. so I probably wo't get the reults from the spin MRIs until then. I still have to have a nerve function test done in his office on Oct 26.

Thanks for all the prayers, hugs and encouragement. I made it whoot whoot

Hugs to All

New Flower
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Glad to hear you made it waiting for results is even harder
Praying for clear brain and spine

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I'm glad the Ativan helped Donna. I bet everyone has to take something before having a MRI. I know I do. I always joked that I might show up drunk and they said ok, just don't get sick on us. LOL Although, I don't think the contrast dye and alcohol would be a good combo.

Praying that you will get good news.

Hugs, Jan

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thinking of you


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I am so proud of you!!!! What an ordeal --- so happy the scans are behind you.

Keeping my fingers, and toes cross -- prayers for clear reports!

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam

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Hello there,
So glad to hear you made it through, the dreaded MRIs, Yikes!
Hope they give you good news.
Hugs Karie

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Whew! You are done with them! Hoping and praying to read good news on your tests. Can't you get all of the results sooner on all of them? Or, do you just want to wait?

Hugs, Noel

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Glad you made it through. I hope all the results are good ones. I will keep you in my thoughts.


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You should be so proud of yourself for getting thru those 3 MRI's. I know I am of you and I know all of the sisters are too! I am hoping and praying that you will get good news on your results.



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You did it!!!! Yay! Great job; I can only imagine how hard it was for you, but you did it. Big (((hugs)))

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Positive thoughts and prayers for good results!


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