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STEVE any news from him?

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All good things for him and his family.

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not much word from across the pond

most tubes are out, Steve is sitting up, they turned his bed so he can look out the window...

going to be a very long process but Steve knew that and we knew that....

I am trying not to be intrusive now that the massive surgery is over....

maybe :) our boy will be up to posting himself sometime soon.....hope hope hope


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that's the first step. The rest of the journey won't be easy, but if anyone can do it, Steve can.

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Hi all a quick note to let you know steve had moved from itu to the plastics
ward.seems to have turned a bit of a corner,eating more and managed to stand and
transfer into a chair with the help of 2 physios and a hoist....Kelly

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hope he continues to improve each day. prayers for all of them.

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Love the updates Mags. He's amazing!

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Turning a bit of a corner - good to hear.

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