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Cynthia anything new to explain?

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Praying for good news!

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Praying for good things for Rick and you.


Marie who loves kitties

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Hello my friends,

I've been quiet lately since we had an unexpected problem over the weekend, so I didn't want to put out an update until things improved. Rick was on a lot of different drugs for pain, nausea and high blood pressure, so his body was a bit over medicated. The result was severe hallucinations for about 36 hours. I challenged the intern on Monday morning about the dose of the Fentanyl patch, and found that Rick was given 50mg too much. They reduced the dose and he started to return to himself after a few hours - thank goodness! But the good news to report is that he's being released tomorrow! :-)

Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts and prayers, they meant a lot to me.

Hugs to all!


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that's very scary. I was overmedicated one time while in the hospital after surgery...given a combo of opiates and Ativan at too high of a dosage. Spent two days in a hallucinatory state, answering the phone when it wasn't ringing and petting cats that, needless to say, were not actually there (it's not the greatest of hospitals but it does have some standards). It was a terrifying experience, and thankfully one of the nurses finally noticed how much i was being given and corrected the dose. Rick is lucky to have you there to keep an eye on things for him, and I'm very glad he gets to come home. Hugs and strength to you both~Ann Alexandria

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So very glad that Rick will be getting home tomorrow!

Tell him we would have had the marching band and balloons waiting for him if we had had more notice!

Instead just give him a big hug and let him know that it comes with prayers for his feeling better every day.


Marie who loves kitties

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Just glad he is coming home,and it's all over!

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I could just cry with joy!!! That is good the medication got lowered and he gets to go home!!!!! Woot Woot!!!
Luv to you girl,
Winter Marie

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Wow that must have been terrifying. So glad that is over and that Rick is coming home.
I am just thrilled for you both.

Cathleen Mary
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Welcome Home, Rick! That is great news, Cynthia. Getting through the halluciniations sounds scary. Good for you for speaking up! What do patients do without advocates?!
I hope you get some rest and can both enjoy being home.

Cathleen Mary

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i am happy that Rick is home. prayers for you

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Tomorrow is today. Hope Rick is home with you and you are enjoying one another :-)

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