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Dave, How is Tina?

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Joined: Jun 2011

Has she been able to have surgery yet? You both are in my prayers!!


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Glad to be done
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Yes I too was wondering how she was. You both are in my prayers

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No signs of cancer yeehawww. He looked around pretty extensively and it shows, she is cut from sternum to pubic bone and I feel so bad for her as she is in immense pain. I quote the Dr: clean as a whistle lol. They are giving her morphine and fentinall for the pain. As for the two tumors there was no sign of them go figure. They will scan again to be sure. So all in all things went very well took out the bottle neck that was where she was resected in 09 a bunch of scare tissue and radiation damage.

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So glad to hear they did not find any more cancer for her. Hope the medicine kicks in for her to help with the pain. Will keep both in my prayers. trish from Uterine cancer site.

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I wish Tina a speedy recovery from surgery.


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And I pray Tina will be pain free soon and come home....Val

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kimberly sue 63
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My best to you and Tina!! Recovery will be slow. Take it easy and one day at a time. Yeah for no new cancer. Kim

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So glad there's no new cancer! Sounds like she's getting some good strong stuff for the pain, and I'm hoping and praying for a smooth recovery.

Take care,


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I am so happy to read this, this morning, Dave!! You must be so relieved. Now, I will send prayers that Tina will find relief from pain. Hopefully, she can get up to move around soon, maybe just sit on the edge of her bed for a short while, several times a day. Moving does promote good healing.

Thank you for updating us. This is wonderful news! God's blessing to all of you!


debbie steadham
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Hello Dave,i am new on here but i have been keeping up,was so happy for Tina i pray for everyone on this site and i know others do the same and will continue,Tell Tina to stay strong and take it easy because this to shall pass and she will be good as new again....Debbie

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Sorry Tina is in so much pain, but such wonderful news..get well soon..praying for all of us

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I am so happy to hear she is good to go! We really need some good news as well. It gives us all hope. I hope she gets the pain control she needs and has a smooth recovery. God bless you!

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Between hospital and catching up at work from time off I do not have a lot of time to get on here sorry. I will say things are going good but i do have to tell you the whole story of things that went on pretty scary. Talk to ya soon. You people are the greatest by the way.

Prayers to you all

Dave & Tina

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