stage and recommendations

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I've just received my in law's biopsy report and we are going to be briefed by his doctor soon. Meantime, if anyone has any idea of about his cancer stage and treatment recommendations please let me know.

Investigation requested : Endoscopic biopsy stomach growth

Gross : Specimen consists of 3 friable pieces of greyish white tissue 0.3 cm in greatest diameter.

Microscopic : Sections of the endoscopic biopsy show sheets of anaplastic cells infiltrating subepithelial stroma. These cells are large, pleomorphic with hyperchromatic to vesicular nuclei, some with nucleoli. Several glands lined by anaplastic columnar epithelium are noted.
Extensive areas of necrosis with numerous polymorphs and haemorrhage are noted.

Remark : Adenocarcinoma of moderate differentiation, stomach.

He is 72 years old.

Thank you in advanced.