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Anticipating scan results

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Good morning! Sending all survivors, caregivers and families my best. Pray for you all the time! My husband is awaiting scan results this morning. Last one in June came back clear so we actually had 3 months cancer free. I think my stomach is going to jump out of my body from nerves right now. It's amazing how each subsequent scan result gets harder to anticipate... Thanks for listening. Just can't vent to family/friends- its not the same.

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I know what you mean about family and friends. Unless you live it every day it's not the same. This place is the only place I can talk to people that totally understand. My CT scan is tomorrow. SCANANIEXTY!
Sandy :)

Brenda Bricco
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Waiting for scan results is so hard... we are getting close to my hubby's next one and I am all nerved up about it. I pray your hubby continues on the NED path. :)

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for your husband. I agree, subsequent scans don't get easier on the nerves.

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Just assume all will be well. it makes the waiting easier!!!

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and you're right about other people not getting it. Just one of the many fun and unique activities available only to those of us who get to experience Camp Cancer. Sending hope for great results your way~Ann Alexandria

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