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Now I have to find a new PCP

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Now I am in a search for a doctor that will listen and treat me instead of doing a wait and see . I need to be treat for my thyroid and this doctor wont treat me for the thyroid problem I have but he will hand out antidepressents that won`t help the thyroid problem I have.

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I have had Hashimoto's thyroiditis since 1982.

My advice, if you have a thyroid problem, is to see an endocrinologist. My PCP was letting my TSH run low. This means I was slightly hyperthyroid. TSH is your thyroid stimulating hormone. If your body has too much thyroid hormone, the TSH will be lower. If your body does not have enough thyroid hormone, it will produce lots of TSH to try and stimulate your thyroid gland to produce more hormone. So low TSH means you are taking too much medication and high TSH means you need more.

I definitely do not want to be hyperthyroid because the condition causes thin bones and strains the heart, among many other problems. I felt fine, but as a NP I knew that I wanted to be euthyroid (within the 0-.3-3 range), because, either hypo or hyper, both are so hard on your body.

I asked and got referral to endocrinologist and she immediately lowered my dosage and did a bone scan.

The TSH is an ultra sensitive, very accurate test and most docs want your range between 0.3-3. If you are in that range, you are exactly where you should be and you definitely do not want to be treated.

P.S. Nearly all of our treatments can impact our bones and our heart. Do not take too little or too much thyroid hormone because you will reall exacerbate the hits to those (and other) organs.

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I am just dealing with a doctor that does not wants to treat me to him it is easier to give antidepreesent to females I hate to say that. Right now I am low thyroid and I know once it is treated I will feel better and my emotions will be good and this added weight will drop

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I have Hashimoto's as does my mom, a sister, and one of my daughters. I wonder if there is a relationship between thyroid function and breast cancer...

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