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Is cheese on the LID a mistake?

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I posted the diet I was given yesterday, and it specifically lists cheese, butter, mayo as "ok" foods in one area, and says no dairy in another but allows 1 cup of milk per day. I think the cheese (with no limits - NIH states 1 oz of cheeze is allowable by some practices) is a mistake, but who am I to say anything to them? It is a reputable multi-doctor endo clinic.

Any suggestions? I don't think that everyone who gets Thyroid cancer will access the internet and their disease and treatments.

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To the frustration of so many of us, there are numerous medical opinions about doing the LID at all, as well as how strict a patient should be if they are on the LID.

I opted to limit my iodine intake as much as possible. As others have said, it's a low iodine diet, not no iodine. However, here's how I looked at it: if limiting my iodine intake for a few weeks could produce any sort of benefit for me in terms of RAI being more effective, then I would do it. It was a boring diet, and I had to make my own meals the entire time, but what's a few weeks compared to many years of good health. It's not possible to know how much benefit I may have gained, if any, but it seemed like a no brainer for me - it made me feel as though I was doing all that I could to help myself.

I didn't eat any dairy or mayo or butter. But you have to do what feels right for you and do at least what your docs are directing. You can err on the side of being stricter but I wouldn't recommend being carefree (you seem to be taking it seriously but some get a sense from docs that it's not important). That's just me.

best to you! i found some decent recipes in the thyca.org Low Iodine Diet cookbook - made it easier to come up with things to eat, especially snacks.

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