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Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR)

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anybody with experience in the field?
turns out that our neighborhood CC has a program leading to degree/certification, and I'm considering a late-life career change. would require retaking science classes that I took 25-30 years ago--just to get started--but what the hell. looking for a way to contribute to the fight against the beast.
plus, who wouldn't want to introduce themselves as a "tumor registrar" ;-)

"Cancer information management professionals are data management experts who find, interpret and record a wide range of demographic and medical information on people with cancer. Cancer registrars capture a complete summary of patient history, diagnosis, treatment and status for every cancer patient in the United States. The information is submitted to state and national registries for use in research, treatment and prevention. Cancer registry is a vital contribution toward the successful treatment of cancer."

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of course, I live up here in Hickville, Mt. and there probably isn't anyone with this occupation here. Sounds interesting tho....I think it's great that you're really thinking of getting into this field....especially for the reasons you're doing it!


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If you could, who is offering the degree, what does it cost, and is it available on line??????

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just recently found out about it myself, and the idea is growing on me.

there are 7 NCRA-accredited programs in the country, and several are online.

I'm looking at an associate degree, but there are multiple paths to eligibility requirements for the CTR Exam (depending on related experience). my professional background is unrelated, so it's gonna take me a while. hello, chemistry 101--turns out that there's a seven-year statute of limitations on science courses, and I'm way beyond that.
but feeling the need to turn this blasted experience into something good.

ncra accredited formal education programs

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Now that is a twist on cancer recovery, good for you. Maybe, make some good out of all of this. I know that it is important to not put things off anymore. Tomorrow comes very quickly.

Good luck, what an adventure. Oh, I think it is the more difficult “organic’ chemistry (anything worth doing is worth doing well).



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Pam M
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I'm excited for you - not so much, though, when it comes to re-taking science classes.

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Sounds like a good and interesting field. I love things like that, as in your posts you also sound to have an interest in information and statistical data.

I think that you'd love it and do well...anything that you are excitred about and have a passion for, you'll do well in.

Best of Luck,

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Cool. I think that is really great. :)

You would do great at it ....and helping those with cancer to come after us...sad to say.


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career change choice, surviving cancer has a way of putting a whole new prospective on your life~~~ do what makes you happy

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BTW - getting your foot in the door can be a bit of a challenge but if you're serious about becoming a registrar it is a great profession and can be very rewarding. Best wishes!


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If I may be bold enough to ask, did you know that your preference page is set to “not accept” private messages (email)? I would like to send you a question. If you prefer to not receive email I apologize and that is the end of it.

Thank you,


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I changed it, thanks. no problem, fire away.

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