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Random musings...Kidney Cancer vs. El Camino de Santiago?

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I hope this doesn't sound too freaked up, but I've seriously been thinking about this lately and if you're as freaked up as I am you might even understand my demented mind. To be honest, I expected to die when I was diagnosed with cancer, but now that I haven't, I'm at a loss as to what to do with myself. My biggest goal in life right now is simply to walk El Camino de Santiago (the Way of Saint James) and make it to the end end. I don't know why... it's just something I've set my sights on. Since you have all gone through the same thing... do you think it's too much for me to endure... or should I go for it?

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I hiked the Grand Canyon rim to rim last summer, but this is much more ambitious. As I understand it this can take 5 or 6 weeks to walk end to end, but if you are properly prepared and physically able you should be able to get it done. Get yourself very good shoes and socks though, your feet will thank you for it.

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Thanks for your support...

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That would be an interesting journey, good luck with the walk.


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Digger, you were looking over your shoulder 10 years out and now it's 12 years. Is there any solid reason for not doing it?
When will you start? I hope you'll make a photographic record and post it on your "expressions" page.

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I know this thread probably sounds odd for me being 12 years out, and for the most part my first ten years were care-free. But then the two new growths popped up (which we think are benign)... and then I started reading all about late-stage recurrence... and then I found myself looking over my shoulder all over again.

I should also note that the same week I was diagnosed with RCC I was also diagnosed with a rare congenital heart defect (it was found during my pre-nephrectomy testing) and that has impacted my life severely over the past twelve years.

At any rate I hope I don't sound like I'm whining because I'm not. I really am thankful to even still be alive today on several counts. If I do make this trip, I hope to have at least two patches embroidered onto my backpack... one for ACS and one for HCM.


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I have had two different friends who have done the walk at different times.

Neither one was facing cancer or any major health issue. They just decided to do it.

They both told me afterwards that "it changed their life."

Being diagnosed with cancer is one kind of event that certainly changes your life.

This one is another.

You will not regret doing it.

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