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Genetic blueprint article from Nature journal, author Charles Pero

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Anyone else excited by the news on TV, radio, and newspapers about this article that finds 4 subtypes of cancer based on genetic testing? It came out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I would like to know if anyone has been tested for luminal type A or B?

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This is good information. Can't wait until there is more research that can be applied. xoxoxo Lynn

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UNC is 30 minutes from me...it's been in our papers and local news....from what I've read it's still in the early stages...and it maybe in clinical trials for certain people... It's something new on the horizon for us...yeah!


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It is exciting, but, from the way I understand it, it is years off. It isn't even in clinical trial yet, which is somewhat disheartening. They need to find a cure!

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I think it is very exciting, especially for triple neg folks. If triple neg cancer is genetically related to ovarian, the meds used to treat ovarian cancer may hold a great deal of promise for this type of breast cancer.

Realistically, it may be a little while to see concrete results, but it is a great leap and opens the door for so much more research.

Now, if we can get that research funded. On the radio this am, a breast cancer researcher was saying that breast cancer research donations are down. This may be in part due to the economy and part due to the Komen fiasco?

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This is very good news. I wouldn't give one cent to the Komen foundation. After what they did and then how it was shown that most of the money given goes to their big salary's, and, not for research, nope, nothing to them.

I only give to the local events that actually help the survivors where I live. That's important to me.

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