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Update: Chest X-ray clean

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Hey all,

Just wanted to say I got my chest Xray resulst back today .....all clear.

Who knew that a ventral hernia can also cause shortness of breath and a nagging cough (we all know what that sounds like on this board) ...so of course when I went in to get checked for the hernia (only bc someone on here mentioned that's what it could be regarding my pouch) I also asked for the chest X-ray ...

So I'm thankful today for that news, and I want all of you to know my online family means the world to me at times like this...bc before I went in and even now after the results you all are always patiend and kind and sometimes frank / to the point on this board and that's what makes you all great.

I go for my PET/CT October 4th (and I see the surgeon regarding my hernia October 2nd).



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What a great relief that must have been....congrats Tim

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Now that we got that off your chest, doesn’t mean you run out in the woods with a loaded chainsaw and sharpened axe. Does it? Let see, you burn a cord a month, correct? It doesn’t get very cold there does it? I mean with all those wildfires to get you through the winter, it is probably pretty balmy (just kidding). Be careful cutting wood.

You are correct this site does have good advice. Kudos to the H&N member that mentioned hernia.

Take care,


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I am glad you now know what the problem is.

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last year, and that was with NO wind chill factored into the equation.

Not the norm of course, usually stays at above 10' but below 35' in the winter ..which is from October to May ... :) :) :) it seems.


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So happy for the good news!

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Well actually Tim....

LOL, if you've ever had trauma, say like an accidental wack to the ummmm "groin" area.... Didn't it take your breath away, shortness of breath, LOL.....

Glad the results are looking good brother.


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Tim, glad you got a good report. As I said often over the last few weeks I go in for my 1st CT scan on Oct 3rd so looks like we have quite a few others doing the same in early to mid October. Praying we all get good news.

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you are so deserving of the good news

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Yes, that is correct, I have seen several scan dates set of October ...my PET/CT is October 4th :)

....the good thing is we already have you tucked in the pocket each night (as Phrannie likes to say)....I'm looking forward to your good scan results!


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Pam M
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Great news to hear! I never thought i would congratulate someone who just found out they have a hernia ...lol life is funny indeed. Take of yourself.

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