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My visit with my onc, markers, etc

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Saw my oncologist this am. He is pleased with how I am doing on the faslodex. Haven't gotten my Ca 27.29 back yet, but my CEA remains elevated but unchanged. No more symptoms, so I am not having any scans at this time. I will see him back in 3 months.

For other ER+ with mets, I did ask about fulvestrant (faslodex) plus an aromatase inhibitor (like arimidex). He thought the study results were not significant at this time.

He is impressed with the erolimus (afinitor) added to an aromatase inhibitor) aromasin regimen. He said he has been impressed with results using this treatment in ER+ patients with mets and it would be what we would try next if my current regimen fails.

Everolimus Plus Exemestane Improves Progression-Free Survival in Advanced Breast Cancer

So I am stable and that is happy news to me!

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Posts: 4014
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P.S. If you can't open the link, just copy and google the title. Don't know why it is not linking today, but susect it may be my computer.

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Glad things are continuing to be okay for you....:)

Hugs, Nancy

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Yea...No Doc visit for three months, good for you.
Lets you have extra time for the Hollidays.
Lots of Hugs

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Glad to hear that you are good to go for 3 more months. Here's to 3 months x 3months x 3 months x 3 and then some! xoxoxoxo Lynn

Frankie Shannon
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Good news for you on your regimen.
Hugs Frankie

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Let us know when you get the marker test results..

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So Happy things are going well with you.

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I love reading good news! Happy days ahead for you.

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This is wonderful and hope you get to enjoy a relaxing 3 months with time off from doctors (it's like a part-time extra job we never asked for). Thanks also for including the link. There's so much to learn about all the new treatments.

Best wishes for you and your family,


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Eileen, I am thrilled beyond words for you, so I am doing my hap hap
happy dance right now .. which is difficult as it is 6:45 a.m. and I am
sipping on my first cup of coffee.

I too am waiting for my marker test results -- had my 6 month check up on Monday
with my Oncologist and his staff. Everything looks good on the outside, however,
the wait on my blood work -- now that wait sends me over the edge for a few days.

Keeping you in good thoughts and prayers, my friend.

Vicki Sam

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Christmas Girl
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Yep, stable is good news! Will hope for more... and more... and more... (you get the idea, I'm sure)

Kind regards, Susan

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Jean 0609
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It's always good to hear.

Miss VickiSam, I know the wait is hard, but I'm sure everything will be fine.


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So happy to read your post.

Best always,


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