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Small Update JS50

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Thanks, Thanks and Thanks!

Lots of great people here!! Thanks to all!!

Update: Today 9-25-12 EUS completed by Dr Dan Chiaccia Community north Indy.
He mentioned stage 3 or T3 but did not have a N# or a M#. He did say it did not look like it had spread to any of the lymph nodes from his view on ultra sound.
He did say the CT scan results my say different. I find out all that This Friday with my local Gastrolisgist. All doctors so far have mentioned Chemo/radiation then surgery.

Your info on the IU Simon center was very encouraging as we have been looking at Dr Kenneth A. Kesler, and his team.

I take it MIE = minimally evasive surgery? Orthoscopicaly I hope or is what I want. Doctor Dan mentioned above said that the chemo and or radiation could be done locally but had high praises on Dr Kesler for the surgery. Confused now..was thinking this team I am to pick did everything after DX?

I live in the Anderson/Muncie area here in Indiana and not knowing the chemo/rad treatment schedules and to make the 50 min trip to IU med in Indy is not possible unless I can drive myself as my mother cannot drive to Indy multiple times a week to Indy.
My brother is comng in out of state for my big meeting Friday a.m. To help with questions and decisions.
I will have more to update then.

Thanks to everyone
Here to fight this beast!

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check if there is a Hope Lodge near the hospital you and 1 caregiver can stay. you reach them by calling the ACS they can tell you
Best to you
EC Fighter Caregiver, Carolyn

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as far as EC goes. Hopefully you will be a surgical candidate. I've heard that Dr Kesler is one of the best. I don't think you can go wrong with the team at Simon Cancer Center, the facility and staff are wonderful.

You don't have to have everything done at one place. We live about 25 minutes from a very good IU cancer center where my husband had his chemo and radiation. 5 1/2 weeks - chemo once a week and radiation daily (5 days a week). They wanted to do the surgery there as well, but they just didn't do the volume I felt necessary nor did they do the minimally invasive procesure which was imporatant to Paul.

Paul was able to drive himself to all of his appointments for radiation and chemo. He had pretty minimal side effects and the docs said if he felt like driving himself that was fine.

Wishing and hoping all the best. Please keep us all updated.


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Sorry for the belated update.
Been busy with this crap called cancer!
Prior info: I was staged as a T2N0M0 on 10-9-12 DX on 9-11-12. I have completed 33 radaition treatments as of yesterday 11-29-12. I had those and the 8 chemo treatments all done here In Anderson Indiana at the St Johns Cancer Center. I am currently starting a 3-4 week break then will get another chemo treatment, then another 3-4 week break and 2nd chemo treatment.. then scans and then go see surgeon (Dr Kessler) down at IU-med in Indianapolis around the first of March. No surgery date has been scheduled yet.
My tumor shrank enough after the first 3 radiation treatment's that my swallowing has been great and have been eating my mouth 95% of the time. Only have had to use feeding tube one weekend due to having nausea and no appitite. Everyone (Nurses and Doctors) are amazed how well i have done thru these treatments. I am looking forward to the break and hoping my taste buds come back to life. Everything I use to eat taste like its been burnt. I crave appels, frosted mini wheats, stoffers lasgna, stoffers mac and cheese. I kept all my hair and only had the dry heaves one weekend. My strenght is pretty low right now but able to stay active. I do dread the surgery and want it done NOW to get it over with!
I want to thank everyone for thier prayers and you all have been in my prayers!
happy holidays to all

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It has been awhile! I'm glad to hear about the shrinkage! I hope you continue to do well! Keep us posted and a Happy Holidays to you, too.


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