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Nuerontin/Gabapentin- Should I or Shouldn't I?

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Post folfox neuropathy- the more I walk or stand on me feet, the worse it gets.
Onc prescribed Gabapentin- from my internet research on patient reviews, everyone gained weight and it was a 50/50 relief

Anything else to keep the burning pain at bay when I walk ? I commute to work- drive to Train station, but being in the city, you want to walk around, leave the building, do errands etc....walking 4 blocks about did me in today. My first Zumba class in months was an epic FAIL! I can't imagine Yoga keeping the blubber away!



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I've been on it for years and it helps me and if I've gained weight it's only because of my diet. There is a big difference for me when the cold weather hits and when it does, even on the medicine, my feet and hands still ache but it's so much better being on it than not. You should at least try it and see how it makes you feel. If you don't like it or doesn't make much difference then don't use it again. Good luck.


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My neuropathy was late onset ,around seven years after chemo. I have tried lyrica,neurontin and endep. None of them helped with the pain and burning at night. All the docs wanted to do was keep doubling the dose and thats when the side effects really start to kick in. I could not afford to keep on trying higher doses , In Australia these drugs are only on the pharmaceutical bebefits scheme when prescribed for epilepsy.Lyrica was costing me around $400.00 a month. Ron.

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Before I was diagnosed with cancer, I was told that I had neuropathy in my legs. I have two fractured vertebrae which were causing the burning and pain. So my doc started me on neurontin which stopped working after a couple of months. By time I was dx'd and started chemo, the neurontin was prescribed for every 4 hours, 3600 mg a day. We had to do that route before the insurance company would auth lyrica. It took about two weeks before the lyrica started to work and it's been absolutely amazing for me!

I really don't have much problems with my hands (other than my fingers splitting all the time) but the numbness in my feet is pretty limited and there's none of the burning or sensation of fire ants marching up and down my legs. I just cannot imagine how bad it would be without the lyrica.

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I pop over and read the Colon Club forums from time to time....a gal on there tried something called Bio Freeze. You can check out that discussion :)

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