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Liver scan ... Rising ALP

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I thought I was doing well with my treatment. I just had Folfox treatment no 5 today. I have been feeling good. Just before my treatment the nurse told me that the Dr wants me to get an ultrasound of my liver and biliary tree? The reason... Rising alk phos... Alkaline phosphatase. Anyone ever have this? Does this mean potentially mets to the liver?


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very hight due to chemo or liver resection, mine use to be in the sky many times and not cancer related!
Hugs Alex hope it helps to keep you calm !

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at Memorial Sloan Kettering helped greatly in normalizing my liver function. You might ask about that.

Cathleen Mary
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All of my liver enzymes kept rising. I was scanned and eventually had a liver biopsy. Turned out not to be cancer related..I had a treatable autoimmune disease. It seems all sorts of things I never thought of can cause abnormal labs.
Wishing you good news.

Cathleen Mary

So Worried
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My mom, who does not have cancer has a very high ALP and they cannot figure out why as of now. So..it does not necessarily mean cancer at all :) Good luck!!

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