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Ups and Downs!

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Goodness, I feel like I am a human yoyo! Latest on mum...... I rang mums onc nurse to discuss depression and she decided to give antidepressants at the same time I told her that mum had abdominal pain, it is the same spot as usual but not cancer related and it gets bad at times, I wondered if there was some fluid build up and an ultra scan was done, mum was told the cancer was now involving the liver, needless to say mum was very upset, the doc said she should have a CT scan which she had last week, today she saw the doc who told her that her liver was clear, the fluid was still very minimal and the tumour was smaller than the last scan! She hasn't had a scan since her two rounds of Gemzar which made her so ill she was back in the hospice that was in May, she has had no treatment since! We know shes still a poorly lady but she has bounced back from so many low points, last xmas we thought she was not coming out of the hospice, how amazing is she!! Needless to say we are all a bit more upbeat for now, long may it last... Love to all, SueX

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I'm so glad to hear the news. Your mum has been through so much but it just goes to show how the body can do amazing things. x

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