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First Colonoscopy

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Just returned from my first colonoscopy. Overall the experience was nowhere near as bad as I expected. The only thing that has be worried is they found two small polyps. When I woke up the doctor came in and said they found two very small polyps. I asked him if I should worry and he said no. They are testing them and he will get back to me tomorrow. My concern is I am 32 years old. Is this common to have polyps at this age ? I asked him and he said he really has no data. He said out of every 100 patients that come in about 35-40 will have some polyps but he said not many 30 year olds come in so the percentage may be the same but he just does not know.

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Polyps are not uncommon. If they are black or discolored is when they are a warning sign.

At the same time this may be a health scare to lead to a more healthy lifestyle. Less Burgers and more bio mass. Less chemicals and more real food. More exercise and less TV. etc....

This may be the time to reboot and evaluate. Make your self a lower statistic for later health issues. I waited until I found out I had cancer to change my diet. I got a lot stronger and that helped me deal with the pain and difficulties of cancer.

Best Always, mike

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Thanks for the response. I do need to change my diet ! I have always had a good metabolism and have always been in very good shape. I never watched what I ate. It has always been red meat, protein shakes, bar food, Chinese food and whatever I could get in my stomach fast. When my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 in June I started eating a vegetarian diet but as soon as I went on vacation that went out the window. I will need to start that up again.

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Sounds like a good scope. I'm sure he will tell you when he wants you back for a new scan. Every doctor is different so it's hard to say when. I'm a believer that at age 50 that is a little late for a first scan. Would like to see it more about 40.


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Two small polyps should not be a big deal. Absolute worst case is that they are cancerous, but that would put you likely at Stage 1 or at worst 2. The cure rate is like 95% for Stage 1 and 2 CRC. Best of luck on your diagnosis, and check back in after you get the results. There is a TON of great people and info on this site...


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