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Ct SCans

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I have recently been through the ringer with infections, appendectomies etc.. as most of you know. My question is the CT scans I have been having.. if there were tumor growth in other areas of my abdomen, uterus etc.. would they show up on those CT scans? I am kind of ignorant to that sort of thing. Just curious since I have had 3 in the last month and another probably this week.

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I'm pretty sure it will. Better yet get a Pet Scan. The put stuff in your viens and you will glow where it is. I had a Ultra Sound that is another option, But it is up to your Dr. what he wants to do. A CT Scan Is that wht he wants to do?

peanutcat, cocerned

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Why so many? One for the appendicitis? And why another one now? Sometimes they just zero in on certain areas...I've had more than my fair of scans also...PET and CT again October 15......... Scanziety! Yes, they should show cancer activity if present...mine always have or have not.....
Ask your physician exactly what they are looking for....

Keep us posted, we care...you've been through so much....
Hugs, Nancy

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I had a CT for dx of perforated appendix, then I had issues after surgery so I had another CT of the Abdomen and they found abscess infection etc.. and I had a drain put it my CT Image to relieve the pooling of fluid from the Abscess and now I will have another to see if the issue is resolved. So I was just curious that if I should , God Forbid, have anything growing in there if it would pop up on these scans.

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Yes, you have been thru the ringer -- I am so sorry to hear that you've continued
to have issues ...

What is the course of action to resolve the abscess and pool of fluid? another ct?

Just curious ... I can understand and here the frustration in your voice, and posts.

Vicki Sam

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A drain is in place..they put that sucker in through my left butt cheek to my lower abdomen.. new meaning to ahole? anyway, I am also on two antibiotics to hopefully clean this mess up. I still feel a little pain in there so naturally I am worried that maybe something else might be going on? Cancer spread to somewhere in there? Would the CT's I have been having picked up on that? I can't help but to dwell on things now. I am so tired of feeling bad. It will be a year in Novemeber. I was supposed to be celebrating with new boobs and clean health by now! I know so many others are worse of and I should be grateful.. and I am sorry to whine, its just been a tough few weeks. Thanks.

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You're not whining. You've had a really rough time of it lately and have every right to talk about it and we do understand. I hope the antibiotics will work for you.

I would think a CT would pick up cancer, but, I thought they also used a MRI or a PET scan to make for sure, but, I don't know Sandy. Have you had a MRI or PET done?

Sending you lots of hugs,


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But you have every right to whine away! I've thought about you all afternoon....I so hope you you start feeling better and SOON!!!
I love the new meaning of ***hole...made me laugh...all this can't take our sense of humor....

Wishing you better days, and soon!
Big hugs, Nancy

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Yes, a ct scan of your abdomen should picks up every irregularities including abnormal growth in the uterus, thickenings and etc. I have had my times with infections and they are hellish!

It is easy to imagine each little pain to be something awful when you have lived through such a horrible time with breast cancer, infections, appendicitis. It takes a while to adjust to being normal after a long period of not being that way.

Prior to starting my journey with breast cancer, I had minor abdominal surgery that turned into a staph infection that nearly cost me my life. Then I had to go to the ER when pus came through the wound. Two more weeks went by after more rounds of antibiotics. Fiinally had a surgery that let the wound heal from the inside out, taking months to completely heal. Six weeks after the surgery, I learned that I had breast cancer. I know what an awful time you are having. It was a year before the whole ordeal was over.

Wishing you a normal ct scan with the result being negative. That is such a great word, even just the letter N, I learned to love.



Frankie Shannon
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I would ask my Dr about that.
Hugs Frankie

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