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Minimal to no long term radiation side effects

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Hi. I am in the midst of being treated for adenocarcinoma cervical cancer by radiation and chemo. I am stage 1b2. I am starting my fourth week and have not yet had my internal radiation. All things considered I am doing good. Great support group, tumor is shrinking and side effects of diahrea and fatigue manageable. Are there any stories out there where the long term side effects of radiation are minimal or none? Does anyone know percentages of those that do not have any long term side effects? This concerns me and any positive stories would really help me keep a positive outlook which can only help. Thanks!!! By the way, I am having 25 external, 5 internal radiation treatments.

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Go to the Ovarian and Endrometrial boards for stories. Also use the search bar/box on the discussion board page. I have had five internal radiations for uterine cancer (UPSC) and ,for me, there has been no long term(or any) effects for me. best, debrajo

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Thanks for the tips and your positive story. I really really appreciate it!

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