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Vent time! Dr. appointment times changing on a fairly regular basis.

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Hi Ladies,

My dr. comes to our area once a week, USUALLY on Tuesdays. Anyway, I was scheduled to see him at 9:15 tomorrow morning (lab at 9:00). They called a little while ago and he won't even be there until at least 10:00. It's not unusual for him to arrive an hour or more late. He's at a different location every day, and makes hospital rounds first apparently.

Now I have been moved to 12:40 which means I will most likely be there a long time. I am very upset. Since my recurrence this summer, and being unable to teach school after working so long and hard to complete my teaching license, I'm REALLY struggling with not letting this stupid disease define me.

It's really hard when I have to deal with stuff like this. Generally with an a.m. appt. you're not there a real long time. I'm in tears over frustration of having to deal with this change...again. The office staff is also tired of his schedule changes. I see a medical oncologist, because the nearest GYN/ONC in my network is 150 miles away. (A gyn/onc did my surgery last year). Going to him is out of the realm of possibility due to fiances, and that's just too far to drive on a regular basis.

My dr. has an outstanding reputation. Patients with various types of cancer sometimes drive 100 miles to see him. He's very compassionate and I do like him. It's just I can't stand having to deal with this disease every day. Since my husband's death in 2010 I'm still looking for some type of normalcy. Anyone else deal with frequent time changes, etc. He's an excellent doctor, just way too busy.

There that feels better. Venting to those who understand!! Thanks Ladies.


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Yes, I get it, I had a great surgeon initially when dx. She soon became too busy for ME. I was at a place where I needed a Dr that I felt cared for me too. I understand how busy a great Dr can get, but that isn't a problem for all patients. I needed to find another Dr and what a blessing that was. I felt so guilty for changing, but she doesn't miss me at all. I Love my new Dr. I also understand that changing might not be an option for you. I'd write how you feel down, ask the Dr to read it. She is also just a human being who wants to make you happy too, probably. What do you have to lose, write the sensetive, not angry note and see what happens. I love it when I have time to think something through, instead of when I don't. = ) p.s. I sometimes bring something to do, read, letter, something. I imagine it's easier to try to save us all for a Dr than to say, I have my limit of patients. They have a gift that they want to use to the max, I don't believe it's allll about money for them all, sometimes they just can't say no. I don't mean to be insensetive, I hope that does come across. Marie

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I too wait at my doctors office sometimes too because she is only in the office on Fridays. The other 4 days she is at the hospital.

I used to get really irritated when I sat there for a long time but I began looking at it from another stand point....

It only takes 1 patient in the early morning having to be told they have cancer to throw off her entire day schedule wise. Being on the recieving end of that news sucks big time as we all know. So while I am waiting I wonder if she is behind because she had to tell somebody that morning that they had cancer. That takes me back to the day I got told I had cancer and I remember she sat with us for a good 1/2 hour if not longer and answered our questions and held my hand while I cried. She was thinking about me and helping me. She was not thinking about the patients backing up in the waiting room. I need a doctor who is going to concentrate on me when it is my turn. If I have to wait a little while past my appointment time I am ok with that because I know that when it is my turn I will have her undivided attention.

I know it sucks alot to sit and wait especially if you are not feeling good but try thinking about it that way and it may be easier to wait. Think about how good your doc was and still is with you. It worked for me. Maybe it will make your wait less stressful on you.

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This is a constant thing though. He can be scheduled for Tuesday, and on Monday decide to be there on Thursday. That can really mess a person's schedule up. I have waited as long as 3 or 4 hrs. to see him, only to learn later that he had arrived late, which is very common for him.

It just seems as though if he said he would be there an hour later than planned, that everyone's appointment should just be moved back an hour. Apparently those of us with the appts. in the first hour, were all pushed back, and we will more than likely have very long waits.

I'm just sick of having to go to the clinic just about every week that comes.

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kimberly sue 63
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Get a new doctor!! I wouldn't put up with it. This is your life and your time and if he can't be responsible enough to be timely, then it is time to switch to someone who can meet your needs. He may just be too busy, so he is in constant overdrive and behind. But this you have power over. You may not be able to control your disease, but you can find a doctor that will work better for you!!
Belive me, I know providers can get behind....I am a provider....but i always feel bad when I make my patients wait, and I always apologize. But I work hard every day to keep on schedule. It does not always work... Emergencies can throw you off the schedule easy. But if you doctor's untimeliness and having to have schedules changed often, then switch. You can find another doctor just as good. Good Luck. Kim

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I drive 90 miles to see my dr at MD Anderson and have waited many hours, been rescheduled, gotten mad, thrown a fit, cried...my nerves stretched like a tight wire, then have to fight Houston traffic and drive home on my own. So I know what you're saying. But it was making me sicker, blood pressure sky-high, ect. Had a stern talk with ME. From now on, I give the entire day to the dr. and MD Anderson, from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm. I bring books, crochet, cell phone, computer, lunch and spend the day! I have an understanding with the staff....if dr can't make the DAY, I get 24 hour notice, just like THEY request from us. Seems to be working. Please, calm down and give your body a little rest! Best, debrajo

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I feel the same way you do.

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I'm very sympathetic. My doctor drives me crazy. He is "out of the office" more than any doctor I've ever met. He does have a PA and there are other oncologists in the practice, but he is the only gynecological oncologist really close to me, so it's a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils - travel farther or deal with it.

Worse than his schedule, I feel like I have to fight with him over everything. Most recently, I had to have a new port placed for my first recurrence. This was my third port (first on eroded thru the skin, second was removed during hernia surgery, after I had been NEED for over a year). I told him from the get-go that it wasn't right. It never gave a blood return, it would not "drip" via gravity alone and I always had to be hooked up to a pump, and they still had difficulty with it. The nurse at the hospital, where I was having to go twice a month for blood transfusions, told me to ask him to do a "cath flush." It didn't help. I asked him many times to order a dye study, but he wouldn't. After treatment one day, it was especially painful when the nurse flused my port. I said, "This isn't right. You need to go get the doctor, or someone." She said she thought they were all gone, and I had probably "slept on your neck wrong." She said give it a couple of days and if it still hurt, call the office. Before daylight, I was in such pain, I could not turn my head or even lay down. I called the office and of course, the doctor wasn't in. No one would help me. I even called the surgeon who placed the port, with the same results. I finally called the oncologist back and told his nurse I was going to the ER. It was Friday, and I knew I could not go the entire weekend like that. Knowing, I'm sure, that the ER would call the doctor, and he would not be happy, the PA decided she would see me. Again, I asked for a dye study. She ordered an ultrasound instead. Lo and behold, the port was completely out of the vein and had caused a blood clot. The oncologist's office had to hold people until I got back there, the doctor was called, and I was given Lovenox and Wafarin right then, with instructions to continue them until the clot dissipated - which will take months. I was (am stil am) furious. This was totally avoidable. And my co-pay for the Lovenox injections is HUGE ($1500 per month)until I get out of the "donut hole" - and that's with the 50% discount mandated by Obamacares. (Which Romney will repeal, if he gets elected.)

My doctor also has an outstanding reputation, but the fact that he will not listen to me just makes me crazy. I live in this body. I know when something doesn't feel right.

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