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UPDATE: I do have a hernia - still waiting on chest x-ray results

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Hey all...

For those that saw my most "Question on Pheumonia" ....

I did go get a chest x-ray today and tested for "whooping cough" (doc said it is going around our town) and she did confirm I do have a hernia. Drat! :)

Just wanted to update you all on that....it will be a day or two on the X-ray results,,,,keep me tucked in your pockets. I get my PET /CT scan on October 4th..keep me tucked in for that one too will ya?

Thanks all..


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have certainly tucked the rest of us many times, and we have all appreciated your prayers so much.

So......the "soft squishy" area is a hernia? Holy Moly, and you didn't know....did they say anything about fixing it down the road?

Glad you don't have pneumonia...that is danergous stuff.


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Yep, hernia. They scheduled me to consult a surgeon here in our little town ....so I will see him in the next few weeks. Doc said the hernia is not a pressing issue, but it was quite large, so I do need to get it fixed.

As for the chest X-ray ...no results yet..won't know for 2 days . As Deb said on one of my other posts I probably have scanxiety for my upcoming PET/CT October 4th ....

My doc did prescribe me a Z-pack today...just to be sure if I did have a touch of something in the lungs. The PCP was actually kind of open and seemed to actually hear me today (they so often are rushed they don't seem to hear a thing you say)..and I actually try and make it a point to talk less and just be straight to the point.

Thanks for tucking me in :):) :) :)


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hope that gets resolved and and if I may return to you a prayer will be done on your behalf to ask that the results for your lung check comes back ok. I guess October is CT/PET month, I will be getting my CT scan on Oct 3rd, not sure if I will get the results the same day, but feeling the Scanxiety everyone talks about. Im sure you will continue your NEDS and prayers for that as well. We need you monitoring the tolit flushes in the household for many years to come.

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Do I have to say more.....

With all that you have going on, no wonder you have that Clint Eastwood thing going on bro....

I see many hot showers in your future...steam it out, and get better.


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Sounds like you are getting a complete tune-up and should be back in the woods soon. Pace yourself man, you don’t want to wear out too quickly. Oh yeah, drink some prune juice for the other thing.



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Thanks Ditto for those prayers....really! Matt and John, looking for my HYBO chamber still with good size windows... :) :)

Appreciate you all, very much.


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Pam M
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Who'da thunk I'd be pleased you have a hernia? Sorry you've got one, but glad that's "all" it was.

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Thanks for the update, Tim. I had been wondering whether you managed to have that 'pouch' checked out by a doctor today. Good to know that it is something that can be taken care of. My son was told that a large hernia is less dangerous than a small one since larger is less likely to become crimped. Hoping all your test results come back perfectly normal.

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to you and your family, I swear, bad things always seem to happen to good people!

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My husband had his 3rd hernia repair just about 2 months ago. Outpatient and pretty easy recovery just difficult for him to remember not to lift for awhile. Stay on top of the lung issues, will be praying for an all clear for you.

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Just got a call from the PCP Nurse..."negative X-ray" ..too which of course I said, "does that mean it's a bad chest X-ray or good chest X-ray" ..she amended her statement to "lungs all clear". :)

Music to my ears....I go for my PET/CT October 4th and I see the hernia surgeon October 2nd. :)

I heard there are two different ways to fix a hernia..one with a mesh and another way ..so if anybody has any input..I'm all ears.

Thank you for those prayers and just for caring the way you all do....means a lot to have my online family always there.


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That is great news about your lungs. Now just get that pesky hernia fixed.

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Good luck with all of your upcoming results. I am new to this game but anxiety seems to be the norm for me from now on. God is good though.

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Glad you don’t have the pneumonia I spent 2 weeks in the hospital with that a few months ago. As far as the hernia don’t sweat it a lot of people live with it everyday and never know they have one until like you they do an x-ray and the Dr says what are you doing about that hernia. I found that I had one about a year before my C started but Dr did not think it bad enough to do anything about.

Take care and Prayers for you from now until the PET, let the Lords will be done.
Tim Hondo

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Great news on the lungs. My husband has the mesh and wasn't offered any other options...but, that doesn't mean there aren't any other options.

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