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Is it ok to have 5 or 6 weeks in between diagnosis and surgery ?

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Hi, I'm new here and on 9/13/12 my radiologist gave me the diagnosis of Invasive Ductal Carcinoma , Estrogen positive and Her2neu 3+. They won't be sure what stage until the surgery but think that it is stage 1 or 2. Of course, the radiologist was pretty sure it was just a benign lump when doing the biopsy. I'm concerned now as I want this thing out and now the surgery won't be until the 2nd week in Oct. seems so long to me from time of diagnosis until surgery and then treatment. The doctors say that it really won't grow or spread more to lymph nodes in that time frame. Is that really true or is that what they say to comfort us?
They will do surgery and then chemo and then radiation. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around all this. Is it ok to just let a tumor grow for so long after diagnosis without any treatment or surgery? Any input is appreciated.

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Welcome ...... but hating the reason you had to join a "club" no body wants to be a member of.....I was diagnosed on April 8,2009 had my lumpectomy on May,19.......different things come into play...first of all is getting on the surgeon's surgery schedule....they are often booked out weeks in advance....and another thing, sadly breast cancer isn't considered an "emergency" though to us it certainly is! I totally understand wanting it out of your body...I was the same way....after my lumpectomy, I had to wait 2 weeks before seeing my oncologist....I have to say, those were two of the most peaceful weeks....it was gone!

So breathe...and don't be ashamed to ask for anti-anxiety medication to get you through this....I had never taken anything for anxiety but I took low dose Valium until my lumpectomy...otherwise I truly thought I would jump out of my skin! It really helped.....even though you think you won't, you'll get through this....you're in good company with all the women on this board...it's full of caring women in every stage of bc....from those like you who are just starting the journey, to those, like me who are on their third go round with this beast....to long time survivors.....just don't compare your journey to others...we're all different, respond to things differently even though we may have the same type of bc....you'll find answers from first hand experience....there's always someone who will chime in....

Please keep posting...ask anything, nothing is off limits...scream, cry, rant what ever you need...we're here for you...we care!
Hugs, Nancy

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Glad you found us but not glad you had too. I was diagnosised around Jan. 10, 2010. My surgery was March 16, 2010. Part of the scheduling problem was getting my surgeon and plastic surgery schedules to mesh. I was IBC about stage 1 or 2 also, no nodes involved and estrogen positive. I did do the chemo to make sure all those little buggers were dead. I agree with anti-anxiety meds. I couldn't have done it without it. It took the edge off and I wasn't constantly worrying. Just take a deep breath and relax.


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All BC is not the same or has the same protocol/prognosis. I was having my first chemo 17 days after DX but then I'm IBC. (IBC is the most aggressive form with the worst %. I'm seeiing. My Chemo Dr tomorrow and as far as I know I'm still NED

I don't know what your DR's may have said to you BUT I do know that we are each unique as are our cancers.

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I had my lumpectomy about 2 weeks after my diagnosis of bc.

Hugs, Debby

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I was dx in July 2009 and didn't have surgery until Sept. I was ER+/PR+ and Her2+. Currently taking Femara. I have been taking it since March 2010.

Welcome to the boards. Wonderful "Kindred Spirits" here.

Send hugs and prayers.

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hi newjourney, exactly what i said when i joined here last monday. although everyone is different, i am almost exactly on the same boat, almost same timeline and my surgery is set on oct. 4. i was hoping to have it this week but i just found out its next week. i am a basket case as it is and to have to wait another week is killing me and my family. and i am hoping against hope that it is ok.i went for my annual mammo 9/7/12, had a redo the following weds. with u/s, had a biopsy that friday and the following week saw my doctors and now awaiting for the surgery, same diagnosis and hoping that my nodes are not invaded, like you said, we wont know till the surgery. for now, i feel all the aches and pains, paranoid of little things, connecting dots ang getting crazy.the only thing that gets me going is my family and i have to be strong for them, otherwise we all cry together and then pick each other up again until hopefully this is over. i never imagined i will be in this position myself but this group had been a big help, just reading your post is a big help and i hope you will feel better. take care and feel free to talk to me if you need someone

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I just wanted to chime in and say hi....everyone's advice to you is excellent..I don't think there's anything else to input! Since you have concerns about the wait, you may benefit by calling your surgeon's office or onco's office and just tell the nurse your concerns..

We are here for you,

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Saying hi too and I think since this does concern you, maybe you should contact your surgeon and talk about this. We need to always speak up and express anything that is bothering us as they don't know what we are thinking.

Hugs, Angie

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Hi, sorry for all you are going through I know how hard it is to do the waiting game. After I was diagnosed on 6/26 with stage 1
IDC hormone positive I waited 3 weeks before I had my lumpectomy cause we needed to wait for results of the Brac test.
My doctor explained to me that we had a three week winiw based on the aggressiveness of the cancer. After my surgery I than
Waited 8 weeks before I started chemo. I felt the same way you did I was worried that the tumor would grow and spread in that
Time frame of waiting but ypu need to have faith in your surgeon. Are you waiting on test results? Did they say why so long between
Diagnosis and surgery? What type of surgery are you having?
You are not alone here we have all been in your shoes and understand what you are going through.
We are here to help.
Best of luck
hugs Christine

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I was dx Nov 23/11 with trip neg bc, grade 3 stage 2. I did not start any chemo or other treatment until Jan 5/12. My case involved insurance not being accepted in the places my surgeon was sending me and having to wait for my advocate to get me an appointment somewhere.Plus being the Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Holidays...no one was working! I thought I would lose my mind during that time! Cancer is gonna kill me! Cancer is gonna spread! Cancer is gonna take over everything! I thought it all... It was even hard to call in to talk to a nurse anywhere because of the time frame. But I am happy to report my cancer was almost totally wiped out by my chemo and the bi lateral mastectomy I opted for took care of the rest. No nodes were involved. So please try to accept that the Docs would get you in if they felt there was a life threatening need, I believe. Take a deep breath and sit back and meet all of the beautiful ladies here. Each one unique in their cancer and treatment but also know all of your thoughts and fears!. If you need to vent, this is the place to do it!
PoSiTiVe thoughts and prayers for you!

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I am trying to remember how long I waited. I was diagnosed in Jan and surgery I think May.


Frankie Shannon
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Sorry you had to be here but welcome.I was diagnosed in May but didn't have surgery till July.
Hugs Frankie

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You've come to a wonderful space, but I'm sorry you need it.

I had my routine mammogram on April 5, 2012.
Biopsy on April 9th.
Learned of Stage 1 diagnosis on April 12th.
Met with a breast surgeon on April 18th.
Lumpectomy on May 15th.

Your scheduling sounds just fine! I was anxious to get the tumor out, but my surgeon said I could have easily waited several more weeks and she would have been comfortable with that.

Best wishes for journey. Come back here often...lots of support and virtual hugs to be found!

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Hi I am sorry you have to be here but as said by others there is so much support here for you. I think you are in a good time frame. I had a mammogram on 5/4/12. Biopsy done on 5/16/12, results given 5/18/12. Dx idc grade 2. I had a lumpectomy /sentinel node biopsy done on 6/21/12. Between 5/18/12-6/21/12 I had an ekg, complete blood panel and metabolic panel, chest xray, and an mri done. So it does take time until surgery. Has your Dr done any of these tests? You do not have to go through this alone. You have a lot of support

Best wishes on your journey

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Jean 0609
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My "journey" began on February 2, 2010 right before 2 back to back blizzards which closed everything for almost 2 weeks.
Biopsy done 3/4/10.
Lumpectomy 3/30/10 (didn't get clear margins).
Uni-lateral mastectomy and other breast reduction 5/4/10.

So as you can see, it was 3 months for me.

Hope all goes well. Remember, we are here for you.


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I was diagnosed late August and only now; this Thursday (10/4/12) do I get my first Chemo treatment. I too have same diagnosis. Having to do Chemo first because the tumor in my breast attached to the muscle wall. Goal is to shrink it back and then surgery will be second; after this Chemotherapy. I have just joined this website and I so KNOW how you felt as far as getting this news. I'm sure there will be lots of support here. Let me know day of your surgery; I'll begin praying. And I fully believe in the Power of Prayer. Justbeachie

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