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ENT appointment this morning.....and I learned something new :)

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Got the scope and mirrors, and all looks really good....I do have swollen glands in my throat, the ones that you'd feel if you had tonsillitus....like under the chin and back towards your throat.

As I mentioned a while ago, these buggers itch like there is no tomorrow...and I mean DEEP itch like a bee sting can itch. I can sit for a half an hour massaging these two glands, just to get the satisfaction of itching the itch. Tuns out these aren't lymph nodes, but the sub-mandular salivary glands. I asked if the itching could be healing, he didn't jump on that, all he said was I might find I have many weird sensations in my head and neck from all the treatments....but "maybe" itching could be a sign of healing. :)

Anyway, I can't remember, but I think it was Katie who was getting the same itch in her neck...that's what we have :).


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Tonsil Dad
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swell up ( sub-mandular ) glands when I eat food, I think
they are trying to release saliva but they are blocked or damaged
or something then they go down after I've finished eating. As I
am writing this post I'm eating a rather large "Mojito pork & onion" sub
and the glands are very hard and swollen, but I'm not stopping its
too good.
Hope we all get our saliva back soon.

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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i am currently having a love affair with onions.

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they DO swell up when I'm either eating or contemplating eating....and that's when they itch/are tender....then 30 minutes after I finish, they subside, get smaller and less hard....I never noticed that before. Oh lets hope that means they are healing, and with in a short time they'll be releasing sweet saliva to go with our sub sandwiches (you're eating bread???)....

I made Alfredo tonite on fetticine....for the first time in 6 months I was able to eat till I was past full....Alfredo doesn't sting one bit....needed some milk to get it all down, but boy was it fun eating "too much"...


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Pam M
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Grab happy.

I, too, get itching in my neck. It makes me nuts, because it's often where I'm numb, so the scratching that I do (knowing it won't work) doesn't relieve the itch.

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hmmm... weird sensations... you mean like the skin on the bottom half of my face and neck bein completely numb???

i say itching is a sign of healing. i have scars that itched like crazy for the first couple years i had them.

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Hi Phrannie,

I’ll go with itching is a sign of healing. My goodness Phrannie isn’t that in the location of your rads? It is no wonder it itches. For me it is the occasional shocking sensations when moving my neck around (that checked out as normal by rad onc)

As we heal let’s hope the weirdness gets less.



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in front of your kids with no explanation first, we sound like a freak show! Hahahaha. I hope no one takes offense to that...I was trying to read to myelf with kids bouncing around in the background and had to read out loud when apparently for once in their life they started listening...

"Uh, Dad, what are you reading, a scary book"? ...lol....priceless I think it was Matts post about "schocking sensation when moving my head around" that brought them to silence....


Oh..and I am glad and hope for all of us the side affects get less and less each year.

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