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Any survivors of signent ring cell colorectal cancer

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Hi my name is cheri my husband is 26 was diagnosed with signent ring cell colorectal cancer stage 4 in june 2012. He had surgery then to remove a foot of his colon when he was diagnosed along with several lymphnoids, the margins were clear so he started radiation in july along with chemo pills. One eek after starting that we discovered it had spread to the bones in several places. He continued radiation and chemo pills until 8/23/12. He just had surgery on friday and had two more foot taken out of his colon and now has a colostomy bag due to there being so much cancer in his abdomen. They removed his belly button some of his muscle too. The cancer is all in the abdominal cavity; pelvic area intestines, around but not in the bladder and kidneys. We don't know what to do is there anyone that can give me any info?

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Signet cell cancer is fairly common, striking the majority of colorectal
cancer victims. I was diagnosed with it back in 2006, with a fairly
sad prognosis.

The first bit of advice I (and many others) will give you, is to seek
another opinion from a colorectal surgeon that is not of the same
group or organization as your present one. Also do the same for
an oncologist's advice. You need other opinions from other specialists
if you desire the best of care and the best chances for survival.

As you read here at this website, click on the names you see on
the left side of the screen. Most of us have taken the time to
provide some data of what we have been through, and what our
diagnosis had been. You should also provide some info on your
own "profile page", so those that may be of help, will know
some of the history behind your questions.

You're only six months into this journey. Some of us remain
on the journey, while many have succumbed to cancer directly,
or the complications of cancer. None of us know how long the
journey will be, or how far we'll travel down it's road.

Through the process of getting "other opinions" from specialists,
you can learn of the many variations of treatment. The web is also
full of information about new surgical techniques, etc., and well
worth the time to go looking around for it.

There are also "alternatives" to the standard medical practices,
but once the cancer has advanced, or the body becomes too
weak, the "alternatives" may be of very little use.

But to begin with (and as long as one is breathing, it's never too late),
you should seek another opinion (or three) from other colorectal
surgeons; go out of your area if you have to, but do not get one
that is part of the same group or organization. I hate to repeat
that, but you should want an opinion that is objective, not one
that simply echoes their associate's opinion.

It's a tough battle, but it isn't quite doomsday just yet.

My very best hopes for you both!


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Welcome to the CSN. We are sending good thoughts and prayers to your family.

Signet Ring Cell that starts in the Colon is less then 1 percent of cancers in the colon. Do not read any thing published before 2007, because the treatment and outcomes have greatly increased! Woo Hoo

I got diagnosed with Signet Ring Cell in Sept 2007. I have been through multiple surgeries and FolFox. I changed over to a well balanced diet and that gave me a lot more strength. (Zone Diet) I am now juicing with the Zone Diet. It has trimmed me down and I have mets again.

Do the best thing for him. Use your Doctor's input but remember he is guessing a bit also. Tell your husband to Trust his health and feelings. My Doc misinterpreted my good attitude vs real blood results. That ended me in the hospital twice. I trusted the Docs to much.

SRC is a tough journey but not impossible. Listen to your health and you will do better. There are many places trying to sell Quijong Root with a special $2000 blender to make all one's ailments go away. So, also use some sense.

Best Always, mike

PS We all share info. If you find anything interesting please share. A lot of times people have more info and some times nothing at all. We all can learn from each other's research.

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My daughter was diagnosed with stage 3C signet cell colon cancer in February 2010. She did surgery and chemo and was fine for about 17 months when she had peritoneal recurrence. Since then she's been on a couple different chemo regimes and just last week she had a debulking and HIPEC done. That's surgery for peritoneal metastasis where the surgeon removes a much disease as possible and then puts heated chemo into the patient's abdominal cavity. This is one way to possibly cure the signet cell patient.

Her recovery is a little rough - she was very anemic before surgery and her potassium and magnesium were out of whack, due to the chemo. She did get discharged but was only home a couple days before being readmitted for severe dehydration because of nausea. The surgery was good for her, but the recovery is not so easy.

One thing I would say - if possible go to a university research type hospital. Try to find an oncologist who has treated signet cell patients before. It's very aggressive, so you must stay ahead of it! Good luck!

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