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SS disability, Medicare and cancer treatment payments

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Our financial advisor had suggested to apply for social security disability thinking that I would be legible for Medicare eliminating my medical insurance premium. Has anyone else done this? Does Medicare cover all the treatments and hospital stay costs? It sounds like some cancer drugs might not be covered. So far our current medical insurance has done a good job of paying the bills.

I also found some info on another forum that indicated EC is classified as a compassionate allowance condition that speeds up the review process and I think improves the chances of approval for disability status.

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suppose age plays a role in this as my husband applied and received SSD but it was 6 months before he received any. The SSD person in charge to get him approved also had us contact the hospitals social worker who in turn faxed all his medical records to the SSD and we were told that is the fastest way to get the ball rolling so to speak.

As far as Medicare we were told after he is on SSD for 2yrs he would automatically be put on it. Then the ins we have now would become his secondary. Which you may want to check with your health insurance you have now if that would be your case also.
We don't hit the 2 yr mark till July 2013. And by then who knows if this will still apply.

Also if you are a veteran check with your local service officer because my husband qualified for VA Disability for his EC. This depends where you served and when.

Hope this helps you some what.
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I was told by so many people that it can take a couple years to get approved. But in my case it took only 3 weeks! Honestly I was shocked and still have not figured it out. I had kidney cancer in 2008, went back to work all was fine. Then in Dec 2010, EC cancer, I applied in Feb said my last day of work was Jan 1st, 2011. I received a sum of money in my checking account in March, a rather large sum. Figuring it must be a mistake I called ss. I was told that even tho I said I became disabled Jan 1 2011, according to them I was disabled Dec 2009, have to put in 6month waiting period. So I received back pay for 2010! Weird I know,, figured I was way sicker than I thought. As far as the Medicare you have a 2 year waiting period. Mine became active this past June. Haven't used it a lot but so far my office calls went from $180.00 to $14.00 pretty good I think.

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A diagnosis of Esophageal Cancer is almost an automatic approval for Social Security Disability. SSD begins 6 months after diagnosis and is continued for 3 years then eligible for review. Not sure if that's true for Stage 1 & 2 though.

It's fairly easy to complete the online SSD application. Have your "ducks in a row" and have all doctor & hospital information handy. You will need addresses, phone numbers, and dates. I applied for Nick in mid-December 2011. Nick was a Stage 3. He received approval before the end of the year. I believe the 1st check was received in January and it included back pay to November 2011 - his 6 month mark.

I believe the comment that I saw about Medicare being a 2 year wait is correct.

Best wishes for you,

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I'm another person that was fast-track for Social Security approval because of the EC diagnosis. There is a 2 year waiting period before you qualify for Medicare in which I have 6 months to go.

Also, I have been cancer free for around a year! You can beat EC.

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Social Security has a compassionate care list of diseases. This allows the spplicsnt to be bumped to the "front of the line" (so to speak). EC is on this list. When applying online make sure you note on application that your disease is on the list. Call SS help line and ask them exactly the line to make that notation. If at anytime you are not comfortable with the representative you are speaking with immediately ask for another person. My sister received hers in a very short amount of time. American Cancer Society gave us this recommendation.

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