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Update from Jim and Linda from Idaho

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Hello to all!

It has been a long time since I have visited the CSN ec site. I am sad to hear that there have been problems, this site was a lifesaver for me when Jim was diagnosed. The Marshall's gave me the courage to seek a cancer hospital and get a less invasive surgery for Jim. I hope that there will be a change of heart and all of the wonderful research and knowledge will be back on the site.

Jim is two years from his diagnosis and is NED! His heart problems exacerbated and he had to have his open heart surgery last month to replace his aortic valve. We are thankful he was well enough to survive the surgery. Already he is breathing better! God has been so good to us and we are so grateful! Jim still doesn’t have much of an appetite and has to make himself eat. He is quite thin, but he is cancer free!

It has been a challenging two years, but we have come out the end of it. The doctors say at a year after his heart surgery he will be like a new man. I am counting on it! He is looking forward to kayaking and snow skiing and enjoying life again.

Again, hello to all, and I look forward to catching up on everyone.

I am sad to see so many are losing the ec battle. It is such a difficult cancer.


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Linda, So good to hear everything is going good now. Thankfully Jim was well enough to have the heart surgery.
I havn't had hunger since my surgery, but love to eat. It has taken four years, but I've finally gained back 14 of the 99 pounds I lost. I need to gain a few more pounds, but since I was over weight when I got EC, I don't want to keep gaining.
William and some of the others are missed. Praying CSN will allow them back,

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