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I'm back, and very happy to be home!....sorry it's long

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Hi everyone, Thank you all for worrying about me. I haven't read any of the posts yet, so I'm not sure what is out there...in the beginning of my absence here my parents were visiting and I wasn't feeling great. So all my energy went to that. After my parents went home I kinda fell apart physically.

I had been having fevers/chills for a portion of every day for a while, low grade controlled with tylenol, my parents were here and I was determined there would be no hospital, docs said it's a reaction to rads and should be ok. But my ears are also plugged up, the eustation tubes are inflammed, again a reaction to the rads, take motrin, it's an anti-inflammatory and should help. 3-4 days later, my ears are still plugged, my husband is talking to me in sign language, my son isn't even trying to talk to me, and my daughter keeps saying never mind. OK you probably have an infection, lets look. Yep it's an infection, both ears, try augmentin (antibiotioc). Broke out in a rash, stop augmentin you've had it long enough the infection should be gone. Benedryl for the rash.

Then my left eye starts swelling, that's another reaction to rads. A couple days later my eyes are so puffy I can barely open them and there are blisters on the skin (lid, bridge of my nose) on the left eye. Shortly after that, I'm throwing up, not common for me. The doc says go to the ER. It takes them 5 days (I think) to confirm it's shingles, get the pain under control, and send me home with massive prescriptions....that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

I'm sure CC will relate when I say how nice that first shower at home was! and my own bed, my own coffee, my own clothes, my own toothbrush...you all get the idea.

I will spend lots of today trying to catch up on posts, but may not be able to get to everything. I'm having some trouble with my vision...part of it is my eyeglass prescription, part of it is eye drops and paid meds. So if I don't personally respond to a post, please don;t be offended...I probably just needed a break. My heart goes out to all the newbies...and I do know how difficult the waiting is for procedures and answers. If I feel that my response will truly add to the commentary...you bet I'll speak up!

..thank you again for worrying about me, thinking of me, and everything else. It is wonderful to have friends who check up on you and who care so much!

Big hugs,

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How grateful we are to hear from you....home, in your own bed, your own clothes and your own coffee! I love that one...we do like or own "stuff" .....hospital stuff sucks and all that goes with being hospitalized but we're grateful for their care.....when I worked in Ophthalmology I remember two patients with shingles all around their eye...I felt so bad for them....they had a lot of pain....have you seen an Ophthalmogist? Especially for follow up? Gabapentin can help with the nerve pain...if you already take it, perhaps a temporary increase in the dosage, along with your pain meds might really help....

Now, for you to get better, regain your strength and energy.....it is sooooooo good to have you back with us....
Wishing you better days....
Love and hugs, Nancy

New Flower
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I am very happy to see you back home. Do not worry about all of the post, please take take of yourself.
My PET is onTuesday, I hope you can come.

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I'm so glad to hear you are home and they were able to help you! What a horrible ordeal! Savor your home and family - we sure appreciate them after hospital stays! Enjoy being home!

Prayers & hugs!

Lynn Smith
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Linda you have been through alot. I didn't need chemo but knew there could be side effect but had no idea so many and sounds like you've had about all of them.Eyes, ears and fever.OMG to many to mention.Just glad you're back home and doing better.I know you wanted a nice visit with your parents but stayed in the hospital instead.At least they there and sure they did what they could to help you and your family.

Hope things get better soon.Thinking and Praying for you.

Lynn Smith

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Just glad to hear from you. Use your energy to bounce back.

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I hope you learned from that "nightmare" that you have to put yourself first at least until you are fully recovered. You obviously put on a good front for your family but it was too much for your fragile body. This is me, pointing my finger at you and saying "don't do that again". Please, when something doesn't feel right, don't put off getting help. We are no longer one of those people who can wait a couple of weeks and see if something goes away on it's own.


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I am so glad you are home. I know I feel less awful when I am sick in my own bed surrounded by family (okay, sometimes it is nice to just be left alone), and doing what I want! Rest and do whatever you meed to so you can get your strength back. Hope you had a good visit with your family.

Hugs and Prayers,

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YAY ... You're home! You always make me smile. Just because you're you.

You've been through so much yet your spirit shines through...making me smile.

Hugs and Love and a glass of wine for you...


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I just saw this post and now I see that you updated us yourself! That is awesome. But the drops may make it hard to read and write, so don't overdo it. We are all so happy to have you home and on the road to feeling better. I know from my shingles that it does take time, but you will feel better. Hang in there and big, huge, hugs!

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keeping you in my prayers - take good care of you now and enjoy home - there's no where better!
much love,

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But feel I know you through your posts. Glad you're home!


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We are all so glad you are home. Don't worry about posts take time to recover, you can read them all later. I know what you mean about your own shower, bed etc. very important to healing. Get better soon okay!


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through so much! My prayers are with you to regain you strength and feel better. I'm so sorry you have to go through that. I smiled when I read the part about the joys of just taking a shower...oh, so many of us can sooo relate to that simplicity.

Glad you're home.



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Linda, So glad to hear from you. Take er ease! xoxoxox Lynn

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from being out of the hospital,the beds are soooo uncomfortable!!

Just rest and no worries about keeping up w/posts, we all just care!
Strenght and prayers,

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I was so glad to read that you are back home and feeling comfortable and with your family again. I hope that all the (really scary and otherwise) side effects you have been experiencing die down as quickly as possible. You really deserve smooth sailing for a very long time. Shingles be gone!

All the Best,

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So happy you are home, I totally relate to your thoughts about enjoying your own things again. I too have had some hospital stays (mini vacations some people seem to think who don't know we would much rather be healthy) and while I am so thankful for the care I receive and the offers of comfort, it just means more to be home. Now STAY THERE! :)

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Hope that you are continuing to heal? Praying that your are feeling better soon. Big (((hugs))).

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Bella Luna
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Linda... what an ordeal you've been through. So glad it's over and you are home with your family. Your Pinks were thinking of you and sending plenty of prayers for you. It does my heart good to hear about the outpouring of good will that came you way, Linda. You are loved and appreciated by so many.

Big hugs to you and yours.

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Hi Linda,
I'm Glad to hear that your home in your comfort zone.
Yea, dont do to much, save your energy.
Lots of Hugs

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family, surround by those who can care for you in familiar and comfort surrounding.

I pray daily for you, your health and recovery from this dreaded disease.

Gentle hugs,

Vicki Sam

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Just read this! So glad you are home.
Be well!

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