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Post Lung Resection and Adjuvent chemo Scan tomorrow bright & Early

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A small but growing lung tumor removed in march followed by Satan in a Bang, as someone here calls Oxiliplatin!

I made it thru 6 rounds before the dreaded allergic reaction set in. I followed with just Irnotcean and the 5FU pump for 2 more rounds.

Neuropathy in my feet is ANNOYING!. Standing or walking for more than 5 mins and I start to go downhill fast.

I tried Zumba last week- EPIC FAILURE.

So I will up my yoga, trying various classes available in my area and maybe some Daily Method- expensive but not a lot of standing on feet.

This was such a different experience than the first round of Cancer- which was so much worse, fighting for your life. I am so used to hospitals and surgeries, that this Lung Resection was not such a big deal (ha-ha).

I hated having to go back on chemo, which I was dea set against, but I hope the summer of 2012 Chemo treatments pushed the monster back for a good long while, if not forever.

Forever, - Do my fellow semi-cololns feel like you Jinx yourself if you wish, or say outloud that "I am Cancer Free"? I feel like I never wish for it being gone forever, becaue the odds seem so out of reach with our lot. wierd, I know. But we do have wierd thoughts, don't we? And we've earned them damnit!



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you make me smile and yes yes and yes to everything you say....

3rd time was easier....haha

no I never say gone....

thanks Peg


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