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Hair growth

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kimberly sue 63
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I have had 6 months of chemo dense (chemo every week) therapy. The first 9 weeks I missed 1-3 sessions due to blood counts. However the last nine weeks I have at least 6 sessions missed due to low blood or platelet counts. I have missed recently two weeks of chemo due to needing blood and low counts. I have noticed hair growth. A few weeks ago it was wispy white hairs on my chin. I didn't lose all of my hair on my head. Thin gray white hair stayed...but now on the top it feels thicker...the sides are still very thin. I've noticed pubic hair growth too. I'm not done with chemo yet. I have three more sessions. Has anyone experienced this? Kim

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I had a little bit of hair with the dose dense taxol. They told me that was normal.I actually had a good head start with it growing back when the chemo was done. Loved that!

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I had six treatments of carbo/taxol, every three weeks between December 2010 and March 2011. About two or three weeks in, I started noticing large chunks of hair coming out when I washed and combed my hair and in the morning on my pillow. Some of my hair, near the base of my neck, never came out on its own, so I ended up using an electric shaver to take off all of those wispy hairs clinging to my head. I also lost all of my armpit, arm and leg hair (which I was very happy about!) and lost eyebrows (which were very sparse already), eyelashes and pubic hair. My head hair started growing back about five weeks after my last treatment and the texture was different - softer and a little finer and it has maintained that texture even to this day. I don't remember when the other body hair started growing back but I do remember noticing some wispy short hair growing on the sides of my face - ugh like beard hair but not that noticable (I hope).


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Glad to be done
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I didnt get any hair growing until after my chemo was done. My hair is coming back in rapidly now. I finished the end of June and now I look like I have a long brush cut. My best friend was so surprised last night when I showed her how much grew in since I showed her about a month ago. I'm not sure if it is growing fast or if the folic acid vitaman my hair dresser suggested is making it grow faster. I too have noticed the little hairs on the side of my face. Almost like sideburns. lol. The my head and legs started back first. Right after that my brows and eyelashes started. I was more excited to have my brows and eyelashes back over my hair. I can wear a wig till that all comes back... I missed the lashes.

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