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pain, weakness...but finally content

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I can't say where this is coming from...my inner self, God, my soul ? I have been pissed off that cancer has pinned me in a corner. I came out swinging away, just like I use to with the neighborhood baseball game back in the day. I'm not sure where I'm at in the game as not enough is known about my cancer, and it's been driving me crazy. Last night I just gave in to the pain, and said o.k. God if this is the ticket you've given me I need a pinch hitter, and runner. And a peace I haven't felt since childhood wrapped in my Mother's arms came over me. I slept so well...which I haven't in months. Acceptance of today, and the battles that may or may not come. Well I will take only todays battle, as tomorrows seem to far away ! Katie

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I love to sing the song one day at a time sweet Jesus, that is all I am asking of you.

Take care and Gods blessing to you each new day

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I too have felt that "I'm right here" feeling. So very peaceful!!

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