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steved's kids visit

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Sunday, Sept.23, "Hi all,think posts likely to slow a little now as not so much to say but know
some of you were interested in knowing when the kids would be able to go and see
steve.i took them yesterday afternoon and after an initial quiet 30 secs sam
just flew at steve and gave him a hug then yabbered continuosly between playing
wii sports.emma was a bit more reserved as is her way and pointed out every tube
and bag wanting to know what it was.but by the end she was chatty and my mum
says they were visibly more relaxed and happier.they stayed for an hour and
steve was knackered after but happy to have seen them a huge thanks to mum and
john who have kept the kids going through all of this as well as keeping my
house going and me.it has made this as safe feeling for the kids as it could
have been.steve doing ok.some psycologican difficulties with the leg loss
creeping in but medically he has been very stable for a couple of days.xxx Kelly

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Kids are great, they cut through the BS and just love their Dads (and Moms)

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Glad they got a chance to visit. Kids are much better handling what they know than what they can imagine. I'm glad that first visit is over and all went well.
Continued prayers for everyone.

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Glad that the kids were able to have a good visit with Steve.

I am sure it helped all.

Praying for Steve's physical, emtional and mental recovery from this mega surgery.

Marie who loves kitties

Cathleen Mary
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Kids are amazing! They have no idea of their power...well, sometimes they do! So happy Steve had a good visit with his children. I am sure the success had a lot to do with the prep Kelly and Steve put in beforehand. Prayers and good wishes continue.

Cathleen Mary

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for all you have been doing for steve.you hang in there steve and big (((HUGS))) to you...Godbless....johnnybegood

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continued thanks to all for keeping us up to date on Steve and family. So very glad it went well with the kids! Continued emotional and mental strength- Steve you have been through A LOT- give yourself time to grieve and find the new normal.

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So important to all involved. Thanks for the update.

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The updates are great. Nothing like family to help make the day. Jeff

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Glad to hear this about the children. They must feel lighter after seeing dad is the same dad regardless of the surgery. Thanks Maglets for the posting and love and light to all.

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it is great for everyone that the kids visited as they really can lift the spirits!
praying for a good recovery

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It's truly amazing at how resilient kids can be. I'm sure that their love will help Steve to overcome the any hardships that he may face and be a large part of the good times yet to come.

Thanks for keeping us updated, Mags!

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prayers sent

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Kelly - Kids are awesome! There love is so "right there". I continue to pray for all of you. So glad you have the support of your family.


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