Breast Cancer Treatment

 Breast cancer is one of the most common malignant tumor, whose disease rate makes up 10% of various malignant tumor, threatening female’s health severely. The attack of breast cancer leads to females’ losing confidence for life and work, and bringing a challenge for a family. How to conquer breast cancer becomes the main issue for the patient and their family. Experts from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou point out that the immunotherapy brings a hope of health for breast cancer patients when the happiness arrives.
Traditional Therapies for Breast Cancer

  Traditional therapies for breast cancer are operation, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. For early-stage breast cancer patients, operation is the major method since it can kill cancer cells and relieve patient’s illness. But operation has its own limitations. Firstly, it is not the best choice for terminal breast cancer patients or weaker patients because it needs to remove some normally-function tissues during excision of cancer cells; secondly, operation cannot remove micro tumors and has the risk of recurrence and metastasis after operation. Thus, follow-up after operation should not be ignored.

  Radiotherapy is not only the main method to treat breast carcinoma, but also one of the methods of local therapy. Compared with operation treatment, radiotherapy is less affected by anatomy factor and patient’s physical status; however, its therapeutic efficacy can be affected by the biological effect of ray. Tumor can’t be killed completely by current radiotherapy facilities, which leads to less curative effectiveness when radiotherapy is compared with operation treatment. Usually biological immunotherapy is performed with radiotherapy to reduce the side effects and complications which may result in partial loss of function.

  Like radiotherapy, chemotherapy is a systemic treatment which has strong side effects. Chemotherapy can suppress the hematopoietic system of bone marrow, as a result, the WBC and platelet will decrease. Clinically, biological immunotherapy can make up the disadvantages of chemotherapy by reducing the damage to hematopoietic system.

  Biological Immunotherapy

  Biological immunotherapy is not only the latest technology of tumor treatment which is much better than surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, but also the most mature and widely used technology for tumor biological treatment. It can kill tumor cells directly, prevent recurrence and metastases, and improve immunity and living standards. Bio-immunotherapy is that cultivating immunologic cells (DC-CIK) which have good recognition for tumor cells to kill and inhibit vitro by collecting patient’s blood, and then transfuse back to patient to improve patient’s immunity and inhibit growth of tumor cells.

  Meanwhile,composite applications of biological immunotherapy tech, modern surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy have powerful complementary effect, which can not only eliminate minimal remaining lesions and precaution recurrence and metastasis of tumors, but what’s more, uniquely recover and reconstruct the immune system.

  At present, biological immunotherapy, with non-trauma, non-side effect and good effect, has been extremely welcomed by tumor patients, which is thought to be not only the most active and promising treatment method among all of the therapy patterns for breast cancer, but effective way to extend living period.