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quasi newbie

one putt
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Joined: Sep 2012

While this is my first post, I'm far from a stranger to this site.I am the quintessential " lurker".I am Alice's husband John.I am a criminal lawyer and get paid to talk (not write)for a living.Alice is far and away the better writer in the family.From time to time Alice calls upon me to explain certain things to her, such as what a burma shave sign is.Most recently it involved Tex's response to Iceman in reference to "having his wife".It's well known Tex we are two countries separated by a common language,but after explaining it to her she's decided it's the whole "men are from Mars" thing.
On a more serious note, I have gained much information and comfort from this site.I want to give everyone my heartfelt thanks for their support,kind words,and prayers.Know that you all remain in Alice and my prayers.

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Nice to finally met you John. So glad you are responding so well. Alice has been awesome in keeping us up to date. More so, she provides much welcome support to other members here. Lets keep getting better. Fox.

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It's a pleasure to meet you. The improvements that you continue to have are an inspiration for a lot of us. I know I speak for many here in saying you are a lucky man to have someone like Alice to share your journey.

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Welcome John nice to meet you, your wife Alice is awesome,take care and hope to hear more from you.

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I was going to tell you how jealous I am but the edge has been taken off by my single putting 6 holes on the back nine at Carnoustie this afternoon! Are you getting back into golf yet?

I was glad to see that somebody got my little joke about iceman's post. Either the expression is unknown over there or no-one else deigned to respond! I hope Alice didn't find it too coarse. I've not read "Men are from Mars..." - is it a good read? I know the name of the author - a John Gray taught me criminal law, but I guess it's not the same man :)

I'm hoping that your debut here doesn't mean that we'll lose Alice's input. Many of us would regret that mightily. Apart from supporting you and keeping us informed of your progress, she's widened her caring role to embrace many of us who are in similar situations to yours and, as others have said, that has been greatly appreciated by all.

Aside from law and golf, we have another common experience. We were diagnosed on near enough the same day, last October, and with almost identical pathologies - stage 4 grade 4 with sarcomatoid de-diff., except that yours is clear cell and mine chromophobe.

I'm now becoming the envy of many golfers. I'll let everyone know when I'm back in the bunker again. I will soon have been involved in 3 major opens in less than a year and I don't have to worry about my handicap because I know I'm in for another big cut soon! At least I'm no longer green and I consider myself an iron man so even though it will be rough, my next open should see me a fair way into getting out of the wood. Assuming a good round and, so long as I haven't faded unduly, I'll follow Gary's coaching and avoid the non-water hazard. Now the sandman calls so I'd better leave this club until tomorrow. [My Daughter will kill me if she reads this!]

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Posts: 2803
Joined: Nov 2011

John, have you and/or Alice been following the Voice of the Valley, Mike Venable's blog? His experience with HDIL2 may prove to be very similar to yours and it will be interesting to see whether he gains any postponed benefit from IL2. See, e.g.


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We were not aware of Mike Venable's blog; thanks for sharing.

And in reading your above response to John, I'm thinking you guys really are from your own planet, language and all. I "got" about half of your post, but have no fear--John will explain the golf and sex part to me.

No need to worry that I'm going to be quiet now that John has appeared. The people on this Board have become my extended family. I'm not going anywhere, even if they do talk funny.

one putt
Posts: 72
Joined: Sep 2012

I have not gotten back to golf yet.Unfortunately the tumor in my shoulder limits my range of motion.I have started more regular lunch visits with my little golf group (16 members)at my club,Sparrows Point, here in Baltimore.It's tough to sit there looking out at the course knowing I'm unable to play.I'm adding playing Carnoustie with you to my "bucket list".I can't think of a better way to show cancer that we've kicked its ***.

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Posts: 2803
Joined: Nov 2011

Carnoustie was in fine shape today but typically windy and cool (low 40s when we started). Had 6 single putts and the rest 2 putts and hit a few nice straight 260 yard drives. Would have been satisfying but for being held up by a 4 of big young guys in front who were playing golf - getting ready for the Dunhill Links Championship next week; Richie Ramsay included, currently, I'm told, playing off +6 and riding high after dominating the European Masters the other day. It rather takes the shine off any self-satisfaction (until remembering these guys aren't 70 with final stage RCC!).

Still, I'll be marshalling at the Dunhill, between sessions attending a big case at our Court of Session in Edinburgh - all unless I'm under the knife again instead!

I hope that shoulder permits you to rejoin your buddies on your course before much longer.

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NASA's robot, Curiosity has landed on Mars. Early pictures confirm no signs of ESPN, beer, or porn. This makes it very clear that men are definitely not from Mars.

Hi John,

For some unknown reason I felt it necessary to welcome you with a joke, go figure. We have gotten to know you through the love and devotion of Alice, I'm sure telling you how lucky you are would go far beyond the bounds of redundancy, simply she is wonderful and shares the depth of her caring nature with so many here. I am happy that you decided to step out from behind the curtain, so to speak, and hope that you become a regular poster for the next 30 years or so. Your progress has been an inspiration, keep up the good work. We seem to have as many lawyers as bikers here, maybe its the similarity in attitude, what do you think?

Fight on,


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John, you are an inspiration to me. I sincerely hope I can join the club you are in! The trial I am going for is MDPL328A administered intravenously as a single agent. So it's without the Votrient...that trial was full. I have already taken Sutent and Inlyta The sutent worked for about 9 months and the Inlyta didn't work at all. I hope the antiPDL1 drug alone will kick ***. Keep doing well!!!! I am trying out for your team soon!

XO Paula

ps...Alice is a PEACH! (That's a huge compliment from a Georgia gal!)

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