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Question before low iodine diet

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I am about to do my treatment of RAI. I am starting my low-iodine diet this monday. My question to anyone out there is I know salt has iodine, and sea salt is also a no no. But when you read the label on sea salt it states it has no iodine. Is there any thing you can use for a salt substitute. Also is there a milk substitute that you can have. Thanks for any information.

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you can often buy non-iodized table salt in the grocery store. mortons makes it - their regular salt has a blue label and the non-iodized has a red label (have to be sure and read the label as well!). I never found a milk substitute that would work. Almond milk was a thought but all of the almond milk i came across had additives that included something that may, or did have, iodine. in case you haven't yet seem it, there is a really helpful free downloadable low iodine cookbook available at thyca.org. The cookbook is mainly recipes but also has tips for those on the LID.

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The most comprehensive iodine content of foods database that I've seen is at http://foodhealth.info/iodine/ .

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Remember, its a LOW iodine diet, not a NO iodine diet.

I questioned my endo about this and he was clear that he didn't expect me to cut out all iodine, just as much as was practicable. I'm guessing you can cut out a very large percentage just by switching to uniodized salt, skipping seafood, pre-processed foods and eating out. Nearly all pre-processed foods {bottled, canned, frozen, etc} have salt in them.


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