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Let's gas up the Pink Bus for NewFlower's PET scan on Tuesday!

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We will be with you for your scan and waiting with you for the results. Praying for good news.


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Olga, I'm ready to ride with you.
Sending well wishes your way.


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Hopefully we won't get too noisy. You are in my thoughts.


New Flower
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Thank you for the bus. we are going to make couple stops, including LAX to check space shuttle Endeavour which currently sits at Los Angeles International Airport, pick up those who are flying in, and buy ice cream at Santa Monica Pier.
There is a wonderful salt water aquarium in the radiology lobby. I am sure you will enjoy watching corrals.

Frankie Shannon
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Will be on there with bells on and pink margaritas,good results to you.
Hugs Frankie

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Hope you get good results! Like the coastal sightseeing route also.


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we give NED his notice that it's time to "do right by you"! Good luck with the PET scan. I find it most stressful between the times it says to hold your breath and when it says to breathe. Hopefully you won't have long to wait for the results.


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Hope I didn't miss the bus!

Good luck with your scan! Hoping for the best for you!

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I'm running behind, trying to catch the bus....pink, bus tutu flying in the breeze....
Wishing and praying for good results...
Hugs, Nancy

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Bella Luna
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Will be riding the bus as well. Many prayers and good thoughts being send up above and your way dear Pink Sister.

Hugs to you.

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2nd round around our U.S. to pick up the late arrivals --

Thanks Ines for bringing extra coffee, and tea .. I really, really need the extra
coffee this morning.

Olga, I will be there with you holding your hand during your scan -- providing strength,
and encouragement.

I adore you so very much --

Vicki Sam

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I have a week of southern cali sun and a few places to see . I be coming up from sunny san diego

New Flower
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So nice to see you here
Hubby is driving, thank you for coming with me,
Le's have a little fun o the way

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I am running after the bus to jump on board. Want to come along and give you all the support I can!

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I didn't miss the bus. I'm hanging on the back with all my might and wishing you best results today!

New Flower
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Thank you all who made me a company today. It was not a very easy ride, while we were able to overcome difficulties anyway. I am at resting and post later today

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Sorry I missed this bus!!! UGH!

I'll have you in my prayers tonight for good results.

I hope all went well and that you rest and recover from whatever stress you were exposed to.


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I missed the bus too, but please know that you are in my prayers tonight. Hoping for happy results. Big hugs!

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I'm sorry I missed the bus. It drove by as I was walking out the door. Leave it to me to be late. Keep us posted on your results. Praying for you.


New Flower
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Well, my test on Tuesday has started with a little chat about needle sizes and my veins. After two unsuccessful attempts to get blood freely flow from media vein, we moved to my hand. Nurse got nervous and I had to help him relaxing and put catheter in. Yeah, they did not have hot packs, I guess I need to be more resourceful next time. While both arm and hand look like it belongs to a Junkie, I was happy it is over have been waiting for results.

After going nuts for 48 hours, jumping at every phone call, and making hubby nervous I wrote to my oncologist and got back a little note:

I just finished looking at it with the radiologist - things are healing"
Hubby and are going to see her tomorrow @2:30 PST. I will post as soon I process results and steps forward.
Thank you everyone for support and prayers.
I hope to sleep without Ativan today

New Flower
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Double post

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