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Newly diagnosed of IDC- invasive ductal ca

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Scared to death, surgery next week. I am from the medical field and yet I feel like helpless. I am scared for my family , it happened fast and I wished when I wake up tomorrow everything is different and it's just a bad nightmare.

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Jean 0609
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I am sorry you are here, but glad that you found us. This is a great place just to read, ask questions, vent, scream, cry, share good news, share bad news, and develop some great friendships.

Hope all goes well with your surgery. Are you having a lumpectomy or mastectomy? Post when you can. We will be anxious to hear back from you. What day is your surgery?


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Thank you and I am glad to be a part of this amazing group.Things are really happening fast and I think I am still in denial. I am a nurse and I see this day in and day out, never thought its gonna happen to me . Reality is setting in and I am trying to be strong for my family. I have my ups and downs but I know with God's help I will get though this.

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I was diagnose with DCIS in April 2012. I truly understand how you feel. Everything went so fast!!!! My lump was found April 17, 2012; mammogram & ultrasound on April 18, 2012; biopsy on April 19, 2012; confirmation of diagnoses April 23, 2012; MRI April 25,2012; biopsy of right breast April 26, 2012 and then I was informed of all my finally options. Took a week or two to make a decision. My surgery was May 30, 2012. I felt like there was no time to really process the information until I was home recovering from surgery. During recovery I had time to process, grieve, deal with my feelings and release my angry!!!! So from May 31 until around July 25, it took me that long to deal with my feelings and diagnosis. Im good now, you will be too!!!! Take your time and process.

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Thank you very much. Like I said, I am still numbed in a way and at the same time trying to read like crazy about everything. Finally my husband told me not to read, to just focus on the surgery and take it step by step. I am glad he is here 100 percent for me but I still don't know if I have the strength to go through ...I am very scared.

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Megan M
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Hi Eleanor and welcome to the site, though I am sorry you need to be here. I want to wish you good luck with your surgery and please come back and post an update when you are feeling like it.

Hugs and Welcome,


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We know what you're going through and want you to keep coming back to talk to us. My surgery was in May of this year. It was a bilateral w/Diep flap. I don't remember driving home when I heard the pathology results of the biopsy in the very beginning. It's all very overwhelming. Just nothing we ever expect to hear. As you're healing, please get back to the board with an update. Prayers going out to you today. Hugs, Linda

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Hi Eleanor,
Glad you found us but sorry you have to be hear. I know how scary it all is and the waiting is the worst part of all.
What type of surgery are you having? I was diagnosed in June with IDC and had a lumpectomy in July.
I am currently doing 6 rounds of chemo. If you have any questions or just need to vent I am here.
You will be surprise at how strong you truly are just try o take stay positive and take it one day at a time.
Hugs Christine

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Welcome to our group. I think I had all the same feelings that you are having. You will get through this and we will be here for you whenever you need us.


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You're lucky to have found this site so soon (not that you're lucky for the reason why). It took me a year to find this group when I was in the "what next" stage. Yes there will be many stages that you will go through. I found that you have to be your own advocate and change docs if you don't feel comfortable. After all, this is not a just a cold and your life is in their hands. Keep and touch and let us know how you're doing. Waiting and not knowing what's going to happen is the worst part!


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Hi Eleanor and welcome. This group is wonderful and I hope you stop by often to share how you are with us.

Hugs, Jan

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Hi Eleanor,

Surgery was anticipated by me as it was the way to get rid of the cancer. Yes, the diagnosis is scary. Plenty of questions but not so many answers. It is a time of trust. I know that being in the field, you will receive the best care available. If you can, try to take a walk? For me, that has been so soothing for the mind, body and spirit--- breathe and get some fresh air. Right now, it is ideal to do something that requires physical strength, as after surgery, you may be sore. There are alot of great ladies here for you and with you.

Prayers, wishing you well,


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Welcome to our exclusive club. I am glad you found us. It's a place where we can *****, moan, laugh, cry, share and care.

The process is different for everyone. By this I mean ... how we deal with learning we have cancer, how we cope with the treatments, stress, family, work, anxiety ... there is much to learn with each passing day.

Your doctors and nurses will be your source of knowledge. Your family and friends will be your source of strength. God will be the source of hope and faith. And the pink sisters will be your source for everything else. We've cried on each others shoulders, laughed with joy with the successes we've made, taken way too many rides on the pink bus, prayed for each other and ... the list goes on and on.

Someday, we all hope to beat the beast. In my mind, the beast has no chance. After my surgeries and tests and scans, the day came when I started radiation (I dodged the chemo bullet). I remember lying on that table and the whirring of the machine started. My first thought was "Good Bye Cancer" and that is what got me through 38 treatments. I knew I was giving cancer an eviction notice. You will find your way of coping. And whatever way that is for you, it's the correct way.

Welcome ... have a seat ... but hold on cuz the ride can get bumpy.


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I have also been newly diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma. i understand how you are feeling. so overwhelmed and crazed at the same time. i am approaching my cancer differently than you are as far as treatment. I may have settled on the neoadjunct process of using chemo to shrink my tumor then move into surgery since I need to have chemo anyway. That way when they do the lumpectomy they will take out less material and hopefully have a better cosmetic result. Mine happened fast also and I am still reeling from it. We will beat this and we will be ok. i agree with you that sometime I am more scared for my family than I am for me.

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We all have been there and it is scarey and overwhelming! My lumpectomy went much better than I expected and recovery went well....
What type of surgery will you have? Take lots of walks in the days before surgery ....my dr said that would be a great pre- surgery tip...
We will all be on that pink bus with you on your surgery day.... I had surgery exactly one year ago and each day has been a blessing after that.... stay strong and positive though it is hard at times! Love and prayers... Sue D

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Ever felt like being in the medical field makes it harder? You know too much of the clinical side. I'm there with you. I felt like a failure as a healthcare professional that I got cancer in the first place. Please remember you are in shock right now and not in a position to hold strong like you would while caring for someone else.

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